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Adding to/reusing letters
OR maybe just a cheaper writing method

For reasons that are conducive to my character, I've been seeking out cheap ways to pass notes. The only cheap method I can find, however, is letters, and those are one-time use. What I'm looking for is either A) the ability to add to a letter, or B) a cheap, Mix way to take multiple IC notes over a period of time that doesn't involve buying expensive technology.

I think the concept of paper notebooks has been suggested once or twice, but I don't remember the reception to that. However, for the idea of being able to add to a letter... well, it's what it sounds like. Have you ever passed notes in class using the same piece of paper? I haven't, but that's the same concept I'm suggesting here: a way to ADD TO a letter, but probably not erase. Maybe there could be some messages when you look at the letter/page, like 'there's a lot of space left to write' 'more than half the page is written on' 'there's space for a few more lines'.

I have no idea how difficult or easy this would be, whether there are reasons why cheap, reusable writing methods haven't been introduced, but I do think that this would be useful for more than just me. And heck, maybe we can add writing on flyers– recycling, right?

This is sort of IC, but you might get more mileage out of an e-note with a printer for this sort of thing. They aren't in massive demand and should be relatively easy to find secondhand.
I mean, normally this does make sense but letters are 40 chy for a reason. Because they're one time.
Letters are dirt cheap and I think you can just kind of assume they're written in ink. Even in pencil, there's only so much you can erase and write over. There's other ways to share information for more or less free.