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Add A driving simulator to SHFL

I feel some kind of driving simulator would be beneficial at SHFL.
Interesting idea! Maybe a Crazy Taxi style game, or a get the package to the destination in time game...?
Why not a travel simulator instead of just driving? Use an AV or a ground vehicle to deliver a package. There'll be two vehicles in a room where you first pop in and you get to choose which one, then deliver.
This sounds like it would be an absolute nightmare to code, and I'm unsure how vehicular combat works, but I feel like a vehicle being added into Riot Gear itself would also be interesting and could lend itself to more interactions.
Exactly! Also it would serve as a way for people to test how good their driving is in particular and also their reflexes and situational awareness in general.
I think as a test of driving skill it could be cool. I could actually see it being used as part of a job interview for Chex or Skyfox. They could have their own simulator pods.
With the time constraint aside I'm surprised the VR games in SinDome aren't more varied like this. There could be all sorts of driving tests, agility arcade games, trivia intelligence games, etc...
I like this, I think adding more games to SHFL in general is a good idea. That said though I do kinda of like the way that Chex interviews are done right now, without getting into it with more in game details.
The testing grounds for....dare I say it....vehicle combat?
vehicle combat?

next up you're gonna say AV rappeling

anyway a test of driving skill instead of it being a leap of faith where you either crash or don't is a pretty cool idea imo

This sounds like fun, but I'm a little concerned on something Ranger reminded me of. Will this mean less opportunities for mechanics as there would be less crashes?
vehicle combat would give mechanics work👹👹👹

Regarding what Diani said, a wear and tear system for vehicles which require mechanics to service them periodically would be nice and give mechanics work to do too. Like how guns get dirty with use and need to be cleaned.
Maybe if the wear just capped speed so the car could still be driven. Otherwise it would require gm intervention to do the tow in many cases.
I think the guns getting dirty is kind of a bad example here because you can still clean your gun without say, having knowledge of munitions.

So if it was exactly the same, me being able to drive would allow me to 'fix' that stuff on my own.

I'm not sure, it might make things a little more hard on the PCs (considering refuelling is already relatively expensive as it is, plus the cost of owning an actual vehicle).

Possible VR game ideas if we do end up with several of them.

Deathball Simulator, would require the devs to define Deathballs rules.

Alternatively, if deathball is able to be played by norms, can we get a corpsec deathball league?

Riot Gear Variant with NPC's:

Street Gear might be a good thing to call it. But basically a riot gear like setup with two factions, Terra and gangers, where there's NPC's inside of it that are at the various "tiers" of play. From Gang Kingpin all the way down to shopkeep and corpie jumper level NPC's.

A clothing design simulator, maybe call it Juicy Vee's Closet or something.

Driving is a bit more accessible, but piloting is something that really preferences veteran players who already know how to fly because of how much OOC learning it requires and how inaccessible the mechanics are unless it's already your character's job.

I have no idea how viable it would be to implement, but SHFL Simulators to show off less-visible mechanics to new players (piloting, driving, rigging) would be fantastic to advertise Sindome's systems to players who might otherwise not get to experience them, and give an avenue for learning them in the bargain.

It should be possible, but time consuming. I don't think anyone on staff currently is uber familiar with the avatar game code. It's been in my list for a while to learn it better. I really like the idea of games that teach things.
Especially when the piloting/driving systems are already so deep I completely understand the questionable investment of developing a 'fake' driving and piloting system on top of that for such a niche purpose.

As hacky as it might be, something like a 5x5 cube of rooms off of SHFL with indestructible demonstration vehicles that characters could use first-come-first-serve basis inside of it, might be a way to show those systems off without going to the lengths of developing an actual 'game' with them.

Three words.

Nocturnal tofu delivery.

Really loud eurobeat, racing around a mix-style map and delivering tofu to random spots in a limited time to get a high score.

SHFL bumper cars and bumper planes does seem like a cool idea, and maybe easier to implement than VR vehicles.

Though instead of bumper cars I might make it a race track. Frankly, there is a LOT of ic space on the Mall roof. You could totally put a small race track there and still have many rooms of parking.