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Accidental UE spends
Give staff a tool to fix em!

Every once in a while you go to spend some UE and you accidentally put a point into heavy weapons instead of dodge or something. Currently there's absolutely no recourse for this. It doesn't matter all that much in the grand scheme of things but it'd be nice if staff had a way to fix that that wasn't a total respec.

It would probably need to have some big flag on it that all the other staffers could see in order to prevent abuse, and there would probably need to be some staffside policy about not using it to help people optimize their builds because they regret going aero tech instead of auto tech or whatever.

While I respect OCD, the slippery slope you cite dominates the decision making here.
I always wished @assign was sort of session based, the way character-generation is. You can start over or cancel out, without the UE spend being made permanent.

Just a confirmation prompt after doing some @assigns and before exiting would do the trick. "Save these changes? [yes] or @abort"

Maybe a way to hide skills on your @stats?
I'm still a huge fan of Slither's idea to let skills & stats gradually degrade back into your pool.

Halfway down this thread:

Sorry if I'm hijacking, Vera. Not meaning to. My idea's different from what you're asking for.

On the other hand, it does give players a second chance, without going onto any slippery slopes.

Degrading penalizes those who don't play frequently enough though?
If I recall correctly, degradation was toggleable? Or it could be tied to playtime like earning is.
Yes and no @johnny, Slither's idea would return UE so the only penalty would be inconvenience.
Johnny, the idea is you choose what stat/skill you want to degrade. Down a point each day or whatever. You get x% of the UE back into your pool and the other % is immediately usable.

This way errors in spending aren't huge deals, and respecs can be done gradually over time.

Oh yeah Slither's idea is extremely good and would totally solve this problem and others.