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Accessories are themely
Add a 'soft metal' material

It would be fantastic to see more player-made accessories, at similar values to existing clothing items. The available materials - e.g. cloth, leather, and vinyl - do not cover the full range of materials someone might use for earrings / necklaces / other accessories. Here's the suggestion:

- Add a 'soft metal' material to represent non-armor metals, sold in normal tailoring vending machines.

I've been told staff at one point made a decision to blanket-forbid players from making accessories with the materials available to them, and if we're not adding soft metal, it would be nice if we could at least reverse this.

This soft metal should (if it's added) only be sold topside.
Please yes, there are not enough items IG to actually cover all the needs.

When you want to get something simple like headphones the biggest questions is always 'How can I legitimize it being made out of x material?' and usually ends up tip toeing the line of what you can do, something like soft metal or plastic being available for melting can help greatly with that.

This will also make piercing more alive instead of just leaving it as a part of one's @naked.

Yes, please. For piercings' sake, and accessories.
I'm fairly certain I've seen somewhere on the BGBB that player-made jewelry will never be a thing and to just add accessories into your @nakeds befitting the RP used to acquire said jewelry.
Sometimes you don't know how to roleplay that kind of acquiring, though, unless you involve staff or pay money to a player to give you something (which then in turn has to be explained, how did the seller get this item? etc.)
It also would be nice to rob people of jewelry. Gangsters robbing people of their flashy gold chains is an actual RL thing.
You can totally rob people of jewelry.

There is actual coded valuable jewelry in the game.

Tacky? Who cares, it's wearing your fuckyou flash.

With the -amount- of piercings people have? I feel like this would create sooooo much bloat.
My recollection is that we are not supposed to RP having any objects that someone else might find value in stealing. For example, you don't want to RP a portable music player because another character could likely decided that THEY want it. Then you're in the weird situation of not having a THING for them to actually steal.

Jewelry seems to fall into this category. Not only is it "valuable" but there are actual coded jewelry objects with assigned value.

I am trying to think of a middle ground on jewelry. Maybe a character can include jewelry in a description, but "in reality" it is so cheap that it falls apart when it's removed? I don't know. I have seen a few characters with earrings and other jewelry. Piercing is also a thing.

Are piercings like tattoos in that they become a more or less permanent part of a character's description?

Jewelry exists and there are plans for a jeweler's shop you can work at on Green.

I don't think we need a distinct item for every earring and nose stud. I can think of individual characters whose inventory would have 40 items in it.

If I recall right, those plans were made two years ago by someone who didn't really want to see more tailoring options (and nothing ever came of it) so I'm putting this back on the table as something worth talking about.
We have no plans to make additions in lieu of other areas of the game for the already probably most well supported area in the game.

We have no plans to lift the restriction on player created jewellery at this time.

I do appreciate the feedback, but I believe there are areas of the game that are much more overdue for further expansion.