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A way to email-poke someone
Wake up already

Starting a new topic because the old one is irredeemable.

Can we get a way to email-poke someone? Like BUZZ but on their sleeping body.

- Wake up someone who forgot about an appointment.

- Give a sleeper on the street a chance to wake up

- Gloat about robbing them

- Etc

I like it.
...I still disagree. I don't think that the emails should be connected to the game and this adds a whole new layer to it.

I have several different ones and I don't use quite a few, and I forget the one on SD. I don't think this is really...worth the effort it would require. You can gloat IC and people often choose whether to disconnect and not connect back.

Cue people spamming this annoyingly absolutely as often as the game will let you do it.
Presumptions. People are not spamming the buzz, are they?
For all the reasons Vera has already mentioned in this and the other thread I agree this would be a poor idea.
I don't know how this is supposed to translate.

You shake someone and scream in their ear... And then five hours later they snap awake?

Not big on that. If they trust you enough, you can buzz their apartment door for the same effect. If they don't, well, keep it IC if they skip on appointment.
I don’t need the alerts. If it’s optional, then w/e
@Vera: Did you know BUZZ is already rate-limited? ("I'm speaking from a deep well of experience here." ~Vera)

@Marleen: Buzz doesn't work if their name isn't on the lease. It also doesn't work if they're not in an apartment or cube.

@HolyChrome: Either someone wakes up from the poke, or they're still asleep. Just like BUZZ. You get an email. It's not like you're required to wake up. I've slept through people poking me IRL to wake up and then register it five hours later.