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A second mulligan

I understand wanting to discourage people from min-maxing, it is however entirely possible to be unlucky twice with getting your disadvantages, but after the second time you have no recourse at all, having expended your one mulligan already.

I thus suggest granting a second mulligan to players, but after that one, you are locked out of choosing any new advantages. So, it is just there to remove all advantages and disadvantages for good, in case you are really unlucky.

Advantages and disadvantages are significantly minor in the grand scheme of things. If you get unlucky twice it was just that, unlucky, but by time you get along even relatively far in your character it won't matter as much as you think.
Always choose the one you most want first, just in case you get randomly unlucky.
i think this may be a good idea, although very rare to come up

advantages and disadvantages aren't as impactful as one may think, but it may very well restrict a character from reaching their full potential if the disad is something that is core to their character

honestly im quite surprised staff wouldnt make an exception for this? you've gotta be extremely unlucky to roll the same inconvenient disadvantage twice, only seems fair

maybe let people lock in their three advantages all at once to avoid this problem?

honestly, what not_anon said makes the most sense

acquire three advantages, then the rest gets dumped on you

although i assume it's intentional the way it is, if that's not agreeable to the staff i would still highly recommend the advantage/disadvantage wipe

Many people don't set their advantages all at once. I certainly wouldn't on my next character -- sometimes what you want to be good at changes dramatically over time.
I think the first mulligan is already sort of what this is? Isn't it? If you got another one and got unlucky wouldn't you be in the same spot?

If I remember, the previous take on this was: bummer, you got unlucky, roll with it for RP. The way I've seen it handled is "I'm really shit at this, and have had to work even harder to overcome how shit I am at it." It can actually be fun to RP. You can show yourself having poor technique but powering through. I do this with some of my disadvantages.

I've gotten hit with it and was sort of bummed but ended up working through it. Your best bet is to start with the ones you care about the most and hope for the best.

floored: i think the idea is that the 'second' mulligan just wipes your advantages and disadvantages instead of letting you roll all over again with them, leaving you with no advantages or disadvantages if you'd prefer that over disadvantages that conflict with your character concept
I'd much rather see mulligans for height/weight.
What the fuck are the point of disadvantages if you only have them with skills you don't care about? NO.