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@trust intimacy
Auto-refuse hugs and kisses from random strangers

In light of the actions of a couple of characters, I think we may need to introduce an @trust feature for certain socials, like hugs, kisses, etc. It annoys me that I have the chance to dodge a grapple but am forced to accept someone's hug.

+1 for no more lick spam
i'll +1 this. especially when that character your character hates hugs you, then runs away, even though ICly you'd dodge their attempt and beat the shnot outta 'em
I definitely like this idea.
This needs to include smelling people too
Excellent idea, that should reduce spread of STDs, Ebola, and whatnot via mundane actions.
If someone is literally spamming an action that it is lowering RP or some bullshit like that, please let a GM know.
I think we should be able to limit things like this without needing direct admin intervention. It just takes time away from their more important duties, and finding a way to make it into an @trust category would be generally beneficial in my eyes.
I like this. Given the rash of serial lickers this is probably warranted.
I also agree on this, as it feels like powergaming when someone simply kisses you on the cheek or hugs you and you don't really get a chance to accept it or not. It makes things very awkward.
Someone xhelp and give me names.
I haven't seen characters spamming or abusing it, I just dislike being kissed on the cheek or hugged (especially the former) without being allowed to react or avoid it.
Emotes operate differently from actions, I believe. I don't think it's as simple as just disallowing hugs or kisses. I'll check with Slither.
I think this is unnecessary. If you don't like assholes forcing hugs and licks on you, then do something about it. Emote resisting, beat their asses, pay someone to make their life hell, call the Judges, something.

I think its stupid for people to hug, smell and lick each incessantly in a Cyber Punk game, but you can't really control what other people do.

However, you can control how you react. If this is annoying the hell out of people, then that mean this could fuel IC conflict and generate RP (hopefully, unless you are a hoarder pad vampire).

True, there are some emote commands that are a bit power-gamey, like slap.

But automating your response with code, isn't going to stop them from spamming, it just going to make an automated resistance.

Ergo, oftentimes you can't react with a pose, because they fuck off before you can do anything. And like I said before, you can dodge a grapple but not a hug. It's power gaming.
Especially powergame-y when it co-works with the diseases in the game, spreading Ebola and such. Some people may be really paranoid about letting others close to them.
Don't write out a long sentence, use a social in response. glare joe annoyingly. Your DESIRE to take time to write out a long response does not matter to me. Lots of stuff takes short responses.
Good response then; Kill Joe
Licking / kissing / interacting with someone in a situation in which you are not already being intimate or do not have OOC permission to act on behalf of another character is no difference then emoting or posing the following:

emote kills John. John is dead. He can not response. He is D.E.A.D dead. Bye John. Oh no, John just went light. He is gone forever. Ignore John. He is now OOC and dead and permed and is already in chargen.

I don't want to add new code to prevent this, because it's almost entirely happening because the people doing it have a poor understanding of what power/meta gaming is. Adding additional checks will mess with people who are using these commands appropriately.

The solution here is for everyone in the community to feel empowered to educate folks who make the mistake of using socials/emotes/poses that act on behalf of, or presuppose the actions of, another character.

If you don't feel comfortable doing so in local OOC chat, you can xhelp and ask an admin to handle the conversation.

-- S

Not that I'm advocating for people posing paragraphs all the time because that shit is exhausting (to read and to produce), but encouraging socials in non-mundane interactions just feels like encouraging a really flat RP experience.

It's a separate discussion, but I've always thought of socials as 1) a stepping stone into posing for new players to use as an RP crutch, and 2) something to use when posing is unnecessary, e.g. for just very frequent and common interactions.

In the same what it's powergamey and just shitty RP to say do something IC'ly that would have obvious IC repercussions because of NPCs that are nearby (fucking about topside with ambient judges present) but running off before a GM can step in, if you engage with a PC this way then yeah, I think it's more than fair to allow them time to engage you back. If you're here to RP, let people RP back with you.

I think if anyone is remotely abusing socials even just because they think it's kinda funny, xhelp about it and let Cerb take their heads, that's some silly shit.

We specifically added the adverbs to socials to make them much more flexible, to be the fastest response you can give to someone. Combat, travel, thievery, stealth, disguise are all reasons that compress the time available to respond. I recommend using a social to indicate the direction your more full response is going (be it an emote, pose or something more comprehensive). Augment your RP for speedy responses, is all.