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@sit_place in bars
sit with style

Currently, if you sit at the bar, your @tp is basically replaced with something akin to 'Joe is sitting at the bar.' No room for customization or ways to characterize the way your character sits. If you want to perch on a bar stool, or cross your legs at the ankles, or do anything other than sitting in the same way every other character is, you have to do a @tp and -not- codedly sit down at the bar.

I think that there should be a @sit_place command sort of like @sleep_place. And it could just be in bars (at least at first), because that's where most people sit regularly and there aren't many exciting seating messages already built in at most bars.

It would have "sitting at the bar" prefixed to the rest of the message, just like the @sleep_place.

It would look something like this:

@sit_place me is his feet dangling far above the floor.

Joe is sitting at the bar, his feet dangling far above the floor.

This has come up a few times before and it doesn't exist for a few reasons. Sitting is an actual action that your character is doing. And if you are sitting, you are:

- more vulnerable

- recovering faster

- shown as sitting in a group when others are sitting in the same place

If you are sitting via look_place / temp_place, you should stop, unless there is a good RP reason. Use the actual furniture in rooms.

If you are at a bar and don't want to sit because you don't want to get a penalty if attacked, for instance, then lean against the bar, or hover next to a table, or lean against the wall watching the door.

Please do not use look_place/temp_place as a substitute for actually sitting.


Your response is a bit confusing and I think you may be misinterpreting what he's asking for? He's literally just asking for more flavor to be added to the coded sit action to describe your character's posture, whether furniture is involved or otherwise. It's a valid ask, and I've certainly @tped sitting in one particular area because "X is sitting on Y." was too bland and nondescript to cover the circumstances.

Or is what you're trying to say that you want it to be immediately apparent, for accessibility reasons or otherwise, when a character is codedly sitting? Couldn't that be accomplished with an accessibility flag of some sort?


"If you are sitting via look_place / temp_place, you should stop"

This is what I'm trying to avoid! I want to be able to customize the way I sit, WHILE codedly sitting.

Ah, I misunderstood. Sorry about that!