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%shortdesc in Tailoring
'Pronoun' replacer thing for tailoring with shortdesc?

Please feel free to put me out of my misery if I'm just being a massive baka, and this already exists.

I've seen cases of tailoring where people have personalised items for the person that's going to be wearing it. Problem being is if someone curvy picks that item up in the market later, they might be wearing something which describes their bum as skinny.

Would some kind of %shortdesc option for tailors be a nice way to allow clothes to feel more personalised without the risk of ruining the item for everyone else?

My two chyen on the matter:

Tailored, personalized clothing is exactly that, usually measured and fit to match a specific body or body type. If said curvy girl finds a cute pair of pants that pinch in all the wrong places and means she is never breathing out again for fear of putting someone's eye out with a flying button.. then she could take them to a tailor herself to have the seams let out.

Again, just my opinion. Take with a grain of salt and a shot of vanilla silk.

Yeah, that's a totally fair and valid point.

My thought is though, if said curvy girl mugs some skinny girl for her hot pants, and is willing to suffer the consequential respiritory problems involved, then "shows off %p %shortdesc ass" would make a lot more sense than "shows off %p skinny ass".

Or vice-versa, skinny girl gets stuff designed for a curvy person, she can certainly wear it, but any specific descriptions would be wrong.

I mean, probably a minor issue and not worth dev time, but I think it could be a cool tool for tailors, especially if there were %shortdesc_weight, %shortdesc_attractiveness, etc options.

I dunno :P

I join the school of thought that tailored clothes that are name specific characteristics were created specifically for that person's body. No reason for some generic mish mash. The clothes are fitted, if they don't fit, they don't fit. You could take them a tailor and have them fitted for -you-.
XD okay, I'm not winning here, just shoot me humanely and move on.
Honestly, I'm not totally against the idea. For example, if some enterprising tailor came up with a one-size-fits-all clothing line using shrink wrap and whatever material Marty McFly's sneakers were made out of, that would be an invaluable tool.

If anything, I would suggest a slight change to that. Say an added option when tailoring where the tailor specifies the body type the item was meant for. Person of the same type wears it, no problem, but if curvy wears lithe jeans, she takes a hit to her 'style' and a little blurb at the end of the LOOK stating said article is too tight. Or a puny boy wearing a hulking coat, that he is swamped in his own personal sleeved tent.


I like that. Yeah, curvy chica, steal that skinny girl's hotpants, but you're going to look like crap.