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"Protect" action for NPCs
Stuff is Valuable

I think it would be useful if faction members could give their NPCs the command to "protect" something.


protect (item / object) (time)


The NPC actively keeps an eye on whatever they are told to protect. Their Reactions could be variable.

The Effects would vary from Object to Object. At high a level, anytime that a Character performs an Action on the Object, the NPC will react.

Actions in this context are defined as commands available on the 'examine object' command. For example, 'evaluate (vehicle)' or 'deface (object)'.

Reactions could be as benign as 'say'ing something to offending Character. 'Hey (character), don't mess with (object)

Or they could Shout / SIC '(Character) is messing with (object).'

Or they could Attack the offending Character.


This came out of my thoughts around vehicle thefts and messing with equipment. For vehicles specifically, the admins were kind enough to remove the need to xhelp before stealing vehicles. That was removed because Alarms are there to mitigate the threat (somewhat). I think that being able to "Protect" things is a good way to add a level challenge back that was previously inherent in having to xhelp.

And if NPCs can protect vehicles, why not equipment or anything else that a player or faction might deem valuable?


An obvious one is what happens if the Protecting NPC gets called to do something else. For example, if a fellow ganger is being attacked. Do they respond to the attack, or do they stay put and watch over the object? Maybe this can be set on a toggle.

Length of time. How long does an NPC watch an object for? Infinite? A set amount of hours?

Awareness of Protection. At the most basic level, the NPC's @lp could be changed. "(NPC) is watching over (object)." If there were some way to tie this into Perception, that would be awesome (but probably difficult to code). For example, at a low perception a character might see the generic "(NPC) is walking around flashing gang signs." A moderately perceptive character might see "(NPC) is keeping an eye on things." A highly perceptive character might see "(NPC) is watching over (object)."

to Benny "Protect Jim but don't be obvious about it."

the admins were kind enough to remove the need to xhelp before stealing vehicles. That was removed because Alarms are there to mitigate the threat (somewhat).

Can you cite this statement? That is not my understanding of the situation at all.

Judges get IC notifications when someone does combat topside and that doesn't mean we shouldn't xhelp anymore...
You do indeed have to xhelp when stealing vehicles, anytime, any place. Please don't spread misinformation like that on the forums as it could lead to headaches for both players and staff.

Controllable NPCs are there as tools for faction players to help fill player GM roles - that is, enforcing theme. They are already incredibly powerful and puppets are frequent enough that they probably don't need any buffing.

Huh. I guess you can just jack cars in Red whenever. News to me, sorry Hek!