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get an idea or example plot

One of the things that came up in the recent guided discussion was that players sometimes don't know how to get started running their own plots.

I proposed that plots don't have to be world shaking events. Some of the best plots are really just a reason to get out of the bar and go do something that you and your characters will find exciting and fun. It's a backdrop for your roleplaying and interaction with other characters.

One example I gave, was 'get a pizza and go explore the sewers'. This sounds so silly and simple but it doesn't have to be. A lot of roleplaying could go into something like this.

- find people that are going to go with you that have supporting skills and motivation ie combat, medic, stealth, gear, perception, inclination

- sit down over pizza and form a plan of attack ie what info do people have on the sewers', had anyone explored them before, what did they find, what do you hope to find, what happens if you get attacked, what happens if you find something or someone, how do you communicate if separated, when do you pull the plug, what do you do if something goes horribly wrong, do you need to update your clones, where do you start, what gear do you need

- gather the gear

- scope out entrances, and exits

- leave a letter or gridmail to yourself in case you die

- do the actual exploration

- do a debrief after, what would you do differently, did you have what you needed to do the exploration, anything you need more info on?

A plot like this can generate a lot of RP for thos involved and a sense of excitement and accomplishment even if you don't find anything. Your characters have better info on the sewers', maybe that is valuable when running from the judges or terra or gangers or a fight. You might find a secret area few people know about that you can use for nefarious purposes.

You are also practicing how to run group efforts. Who did well? Maybe they will be useful on future endeavors. Who didn't do well? How can you help train them up so they are more useful in the future. Did you get into a fight down there? Did people react in a way that was beneficial? If so, how could you do it even better next time?


I'd like to generate a number of these plot ideas that people can have suggested to them. What I'm looking for feedback on is what people would like to see from them. There should be a template of sorts that each plot ideas has. These plots will be things players can run and that don't require GM support (though gms can take notice and roll with it if they want).

Some things I'm thinking are:

- name of plot ie: pizza exploration

- time required

- mixer/corpie/bith

- # of people

- skills/archetypes?

- rough cost (free/low/med/high)

- description

- something about why it's fun or what you get out of it

- possible variations (explore the badlands, explore heaven, explore blue, explore a corporate hq)

- things you will learn OOCly (working together, how badlands work, etc)

What else would people want to see from these or this command?

I would love some method to get GM notes (kinda like @history maybe) on the plot instead of it being a solid yes/no. Something where if you plan something that isn't possible/unlikely to happen, providing a suggestion on how to make it better. That tends to have been my downfall in planning plots - having that 'no but you can do this' and instead through NPCs things just get shut down.
Great idea, but off topic for this post. Go ahead and create another idea post about it though!
Can do!

That seems good. It might just be my own impression, but it feels like nowadays the staff is too busy to nudge players with random plots. Something that encourage player initiative could be useful. At the very least, I don't see how it'd be harmful.
Is there any other info people think would be useful in a feature like this?
Okay, if you have plot ideas for us to include in @plot-idea please fill this form out (as many times as you want):
Still looking for people to submit these via the form linked above.

Please make sure these are plots that can run WITHOUT needing GM support. These plot ideas are intended to be stand-alone, self run things that players can get into without a ton of chyen or needing a bunch of clout and that generate RP/entertainment for the player running it and other players they might involve.