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@options lprevert
An option to revert look_place when moving

I think it would be a really nifty feature of something was added that'd revert your @look_place to a generic "is here" upon moving.

Example: If @lookchange feature is enable, you go north,

it reverts you from @look_place is "here leaning against the wall" to a generic "%N is here."

I'd use it. I don't know how hard it would be to code. The extent of my code knowledge ends with a "Hello World" tutorial.

So your @look_place would change to that whenever you move? I like that idea.
That's the gist of it.

If the feature is enabled, and a directional command is entered, @look_place gets changed back to something generic.

It'd be a real boon for all us forgetful people. Could even have an @lprevert option to choose the generic message.

No more 'naked in bed' in the middle of Green sector! aces!
(Dang lack of undo button on phone.)


You know you want the world to know you're naked on a floating bed along the streets of Green and Red.


I can understand the appeal for this and I'm going to try to put down what I did before since the last entry went poof before I posted it.

The community is good at letting you know your look place is weird if they see it have time to tell you. It seems like you're asking the GM's to handle something for you when if you practice a bit, you can change the look place more often.

I don't agree with doing this for a couple reasons. 1) it wasn't clear if your LP reverts back to what you had it before you moved and 2) Sometimes you have a LP you don't want removed since the people on the street see you and this is part of RPing your style (Name is wearing name on their arm / Name is looking around in a paranoid manner, wringing their hands).

I do see the appeal because I've seen out of place LP's before (Name is at workstation THX1138).

One thing you can do is leave out people's names if that is your concern and practice so you get in the habit of changing your LP before you leave somewhere.

There is a Sleep Place thread that's good and might've been under consideration at one point though there are other things the GM's have been working on. Though I would find it irritating to have to retype my SP if I wake to check if I forgot to close the door, I wouldn't mind so much since the benefit outweighs that imo.


It sounds like they want the feature toggleable, so retaining look_here messages wouldn't be a problem. You just wouldn't toggle the feature on, and it would keep that message from room to room.
I highly support this idea.
I fully predict that the problem this is aimed at solving wouldn't be solved by this.

Next you'll want something to manage your @option, since you needed an @option to manage your @look_place.

You're just going to forget to toggle your option, too, the first time you set it the "sticky" way and then change your @lp to something non-sticky after that and get embarassed all over again when you thought you were safe from it.

Managing your @messages is something you should either just do, or, not bother with at all (keep them at default), if you can't "manage" to stay on top of it.

My opinion.

I know I said the opposite in the other thread about @sleep_place, but, the idea in that thread wasn't about being given an @option to set a preference, ot was to simply automatically clear @sleep_place. In other words, take the "management" of it out of player hands completely.

@look_place is different. I don't feel like either one of them (providing a @option toggle, or clearing it automatically for everyone all the time) is a good idea, for @look_place.

Yeah, just to clarify, the suggestion I put forth was meant to be a toggle option to aid the forgetful.

Some players like to keep a constant @look_place while they're moving around, and this is great!

Other players, like me, like to put more stationary LPs and shift them room from room based on the environment. I don't see the harm in adding the feature either way, but if it takes a lot of time to code, there would probably be better things for admins to focus on.

Anyone who's really interested in this as a feature can actually set it up for themselves, with @macros. A @macro is enabled and disabled almost as easily as an @option.

But consider:

The harm would be in training themselves to do the total opposite of what they should be doing. What they should be doing is remembering to think about their @lp. This would train them to forget about it.

It's also an incomplete solution. It can't account for the times when they set a @lp in a room according to the situation in that room, and then the situation in that room changes without them moving out of it. They can still forget to re-set their @lp when they're no longer RPing brandishing a moonshine and a lighter to set someone on fire or they're no longer RPing being on their knees in front of someone with a gun to their head. If they're not moving rooms, then there's no way the MOO can re-set that for them at the right time, @option or otherwise.

This solution also can't do the thinking for them when their intentions switch between the two @lp use-cases: Using it for a constant, room-to-room message vs. using it for a one-time, situational, in-room message.

So, being trained to forget all about their @look_place as a matter of convenience in one situation makes it far more likely that they'll inconveniently forget it in some other situation. We could code this and people would still be all ooc to Naka psst... @lp.

I just try to remember I've set something and change it when my situation changes. It's like remembering to have your character wear clothes and shut doors. Assume you set the @lp and change it or type @look_place me is without anything after it to clear it to default. It's really not bad enough to warrant a whole new coded jumble. We run into the new problem of people forgetting to turn the option off and on. So, the character limping around in one room that forgot to turn the revert option off suddenly isn't limping and no one is going to remind them @lp because they don't even know the @lp is wrong.

Basically, just remember to set or clear your @lp frequently and don't take it personally when someone says your @lp is messed up in local OOC.

We actually discussed this idea on staff, on multiple occasions. I think Johnny and I had discussed basically exactly this a couple years ago.

I'm not opposed to the idea, but I do think that it won't actually solve the problem. It may make the lives of a couple people easier, but in general, everyone should just remember to set their @look_place when they move. It takes awhile, and everyone forgets, but it's usually harmless.

If you gleam some IC info through someones obviously outdated @look_place, you should not get meta with it and should play on as if you didn't know.


The Idea

I do think one iteration of this that we came up (Johnny's idea, I can't take credit) was to have @look_place stay the same. So you would do:

@Look_place me is cutting through the mix like a ghost, all armor and swords and grenades. A wooden bokken is clutched in her bloody left hand.

HOWEVER, you could then override it with @temp_lookplace which would auto-clear when you leave the room, reverting you back to whatever you regular @Look_place is.

So, an example of @temp_lookplace:

@temp_lookplace me is leaning against the bar, chatting up Rychek.

^ See what I mean?

There's @temp_place now!

I don't check the boards often so I'm just discovering this like three days late. I'm already using it, and I love it. No longer will I be caught in the street while sitting at the edge of the bed or in more embarrassing @look_places!

Huge chocolate covered kudos to Slither for adding the @temp_place feature!

Long live the Coders!