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‘Memory’ command tip
Strategic tip deployment

Well, I have to say, I’m mainly suggesting this because I fell prey to a situation it would have remedied.

I propose that a gameplay tip should inform players of the ‘Memory’ command the first time they do an activity that gives them an important bit of info, such as a cell number or locker code. That way, they will be promoted to use IC means to store this’ll info, plus they could be informed that the burden is theirs to carry for remembering and storing this information IC.

welcome to the game

im not sure if we have a playtip for this because it has been a while since I received any newtips but


Maybe TIP-LINE will help for this?

A memory tip in the newbie guide would be really great if it's not already there. Been a minute since I've checked the newbie guide so i can't remember if that's how I learned about memory. Which is funny. Kinda. *slinks away*
It would be awesome if we could get a player tip or whatever visible reminder about "memory" command when you get your first code.
+1 to this

I only learned about memory / memorize when another character told me about it.

This reminder has been added to TIP-LINE.
I'm not sure if this is a known bug or not, but I'm getting the 'memory' tip-line message about every ten or fifteen minutes.
^ Me too.
Can confirm, this is popping up for me every 15 minutes or so. I wasn't sure of a way to turn off the tip line.
@xsilence tip-line
I would prefer people did not silence this channel. It's rather important. I'll fix the issue.