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We've got @slang for cyberpunk words, and @bullshit for corpospeak slogans that don't actually mean anything. I think it'd be fun if we also had a command to produce decker/techie nonsense to mystify people with.
Provide me with an extensive list of it, and I'll make it happen. Here is the format for @bullshit. You would want to follow the same one.

1: vrbs = {"implement", "utilize", "integrate", "streamline", "optimize", "evolve", "transform", "embrace", "enable", "orchestrate", "leverage", "reinvent", "aggregate", "architect", "enhance", "incentivize", "morph", "empower", "envisioneer", "monetize", "harness", "facilitate", "seize", "disintermediate", "synergize", "strategize", "deploy", "brand", "grow", "target", "syndicate", "synthesize", "deliver", "mesh", "incubate", "engage", "maximize", "benchmark", "expedite", "reintermediate", "whiteboard", "visualize", "repurpose", "innovate", "scale", "unleash", "drive", "extend", "engineer", "revolutionize", "generate", "exploit", "transition", "enable", "iterate", "cultivate", "matrix", "productize", "recontextualize"};

2: adj = {"empowered", "cyclic", "laser-guided", "optic", "modulated", "polymorphic", "holographic", "matrix-enabled", "grid-enabled", "value-added", "vertical", "proactive", "robust", "revolutionary", "scalable", "leading-edge", "innovative", "intuitive", "strategic", "business", "mission-critical", "sticky", "one-to-one", "24/7", "end-to-end", "global", "granular", "frictionless", "virtual", "viral", "dynamic", "24/365", "best-of-breed", "killer", "magnetic", "bleeding-edge", "interactive", "sexy", "back-end", "real-time", "efficient", "front-end", "distributed", "seamless", "extensible", "turn-key", "world-class", "cross-platform", "cross-media", "synergistic", "out-of-the-box", "enterprise", "integrated", "impactful", "wireless", "transparent", "next-generation", "cutting-edge", "user-centric", "visionary", "customized", "ubiquitous", "collaborative", "compelling", "holistic"};

3: nouns = {"synergies", "matrix-readiness", "paradigms", "markets", "partnerships", "infrastructures", "platforms", "initiatives", "channels", "eyeballs", "communities", "ROI", "solutions", "retailers", "services", "action-items", "portals", "niches", "technologies", "content", "vortals", "supply-chains", "convergence", "relationships", "architectures", "interfaces", "markets", "commerce", "systems", "bandwidth", "infomediaries", "models", "mindshare", "deliverables", "users", "schemas", "networks", "applications", "metrics", "functionalities", "experiences", "grid services", "methodologies"};

Also, feel free to post it here, but also send it to me via email so I don't miss it. time has come.
I found If you keep clicking reload it'll give you new ones each time.

And this: Just keep tapping generate.

This one might be the most wacky: