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'Fill' and 'Empty' commands
Hurry up with the cash, bakka!

I imagine I'm not the only one dealing with this--as a filthy, money handling mixer--but I get tied up a lot of time dealing with multiple wallets of different kinds and "maxing" them out to the amounts they can hold, in succession. You have to do some on-the-fly math, looking at the wallet, calculating the difference between the maximum, etc. Cash is a huge part of SD, and a lot of plots use it in large quantities.

I'm proposing the following commands:

Fill wallet/briefcase - would fill a wallet/briefcase to its maximum from available funds.

Empty wallet/briefcase - would empty the targeted wallet/briefcase entirely

We already have "get all chyen from briefcase". But if Fill was OK by staff, then I think empty would be a nice intuitive flipside. Get all chyen from x is a pretty big input. Especially if you're hitting multiple containers in succession.

My only concern with this request is that maybe that time spent sub-optimally cramming money into wallets makes you vulnerable in a way that makes for good conflict. You're exposed, and holding a lot of money. This tension is good, I think. But would it be lessened that much more by a bit of QOL improvement? Even if these commands were set up though, you'd still need to be filling or emptying each wallet. Which is highly visible.

I'm curious to know if anyone else is interested in this, and if so, if staff thinks this would be an acceptable QOL change that doesn't negatively impact thieves/solos, etc.

I know some verbs are intentionally long to simulate your need to do something in a speedy fashion and getting all slippery-fingered.

But as someone who fails at math, this strategy has never steered me wrong:

Get X from wallet

Put 10000 in wallet

That's a good strat ynk, and similar to what I generally do. I'm just wondering if the playerbase/Staff is OK with streamlining this a bit more.

If not, no big deal, and I'll keep stuffing my filthy filthy money into my filthy wallets.

If you want quality of life, get a credchip, ya filthy illicit trader you!