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A QoL Suggestion

I'm thinking it'd be cool if we had a system similar to @disguise-desc that allows you to craft an entire persona, complete with nakeds/desc/etc. This would be useful for using the same persona over and over again. At present, changing each piece of your desc/nakeds/etc. is tedious and time consuming.

This command could become available once you assume a persona for the first time, prompting the player with an option to set up their @disguise-persona. Future uses of this same persona would be dependant on the character's use of similar disguise items. I.E. Same color contacts etc.

This feature could also be limited to a certain number of personas based on character skill, which would provide a way for players to know what is feasible for their skill level. There's a lot of ambiguity in terms of perceived ability with disguise. How many voices should I be able to master at x skill, etc. This might help give those kinds of questions a semi-quantitative answer.