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Just a thought because I've wanted to compliment players and staff anonymously for various things.

It would be nice if there was a system, similar to @good-answer to send a quick message or something to compliment something a player had done in RP, or something a person had built or a great puppet or a great plot. Maybe it would be automatically forwarded to that person, or maybe its something that would be added to a section in your @notes or whatever else but I would like a system to compliment players and staff without having to seek them out on local OOC (which isn't always feasible especially if its a rivalry) or xhelp (which is not what its intended for).

I think this is a great idea. I think said compliments should be quickly glanced over by staff before approved for another player's consumption but I think this would help foster the kind of cooperative competition we like to experience.
I would love this, especially player side. A lot of my burnout is often caused by me not knowing if I'm doing the game good OOCly. I seem to only know when I'm doing bad :p
This is a good idea.
I've wanted to do the same in the past. I've left feedback via @notes for outstanding roleplay from other players in the past, but this is another level entirely.
Love it. +1 Reefer for brief staff overview, but very much hoping we can have this soon, it's a great idea.
Dawnshot has it down and I think what Stiza13 says might be true for a lot of players. Especially those that quit early on. In a game that's so extremely IC and conflict oriented, it's common for people to feel like they're losing, RPing "unsuccessfully," or even underappreciated for a role that may not often be filled. For players that might not have a LOT of time to play, getting some good feedback in the form of a @compliment could be the difference between them burning out or feeling appreciated and included.

Same time, I'm torn on this idea. I could see it being over or underutilized depending on implementation, and of course it breaks the IC/OOC wall that stands really high in Sindome.

I like this idea a lot. I think it would help with bleed too if you could give someone anonymous props. There could be a time delay or something so it's more anonymous. Hell, even a generic message of "someone thought you did great x or y" would be cool.

I think the worry would be that it could relay info about other player ooc names but you can get around that pretty easy with generic-ish drop down choices or something smarter than that.

I'm not completely sure what the 'gold star' system looks like, but I imagine this would be used similarly from the player side and I think it's a great idea as described.
Maybe something like...

[ OOC ] Another player would like to let you know: %message

And replace %message with some options like...

1. You're doing great! Keep it up.

2. You were fun to RP with. Thanks!

3. Your character is CPAF! I love it.

4. Your plot was incredible. Thank you!

5. Etc.

...and then delay the message 24 - 48 hours so that nobody uses it to metagame. Maybe set a 12-hour limit on sending messages.

Great idea.

But I think it should be a choice to either send it anonymously with a delay, or to send it with your character's name visible and right away.

Ideally even with a line or two of personal message allowed, if approving them doesn't strain GM time too much.