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%color in tease messages

Right now, tease messages on clothing don't parse %color, though they do parse %t. It would be cool if they parsed %color too!
I'm not convinced this is something we need. Tease messages are supposed to be like emotes. We don't have color in them because you are expressing an action you are doing, the color is irrelevant to that. I am not sure this would add value. I think it would just add color.
If the concern is about %color throwing up an ansi'd color, strip that out -- but right now, people do it without knowing (there's not clear documentation) and instead it emits %color.

More than that, it allows better coordination with dyeing things -- if the tease is 'I tug on my blue shirt with a smile', and I dye the shirt red, now the tease doesn't make sense any more. That's one of the reasons I think the %color substitution exists, to allow for dyeing objects.

%color does work in wear and remove, so incidental messages do have some precedent.

Can confirm. Some tease messages are just unusable because there's a great big %color in there instead of changing it to text or removing it.