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Wigs, lenses, etc. cause OOC paranoia
Hard to RP when you know it's a scam

I recently experienced a number of wigs and lenses in the wild.

The "natural human instinct to defend oneself from harm" hits hard when items that disguise somrone's @nakeds don't match @skintone. I have no IC reason to detect a problem when I'm with a person wearing a wig or lenses, but OOCly everything is screaming DANGER ABORT GET OUT.

I can't RP naturally when disguising items are obvious OOCly but I'm supposed to pretend I don't see mustard smeared on someone's face. This is different from the memory erasure of being killed -- you have time to parse and prepare your mindset in that scenario, whereas with disguising items you have to act in the heat of the moment.

Imagine a scene starting with an OOC notification: "[OOC: You are about to get scammed. Now pretend you didn't see this.]" Like, great. Now if my character detects it's a scam or tries to end the scene early, I can't actually do any of that or else I could be called out on metagaming behavior. It really ruins the surprise and flow of a scene.

I also can't imagine using these disguising items, as I don't want to force that burden upon others.

Can this OOC / IC information incongruence be ironed out, please?

Possible solutions:

1. Make these disguising items match @skintone.

2. Make these disguising items match @skintone with high enough skill check, mustard if there appears to be something ICly off about wearing it.

3. Make these disguising items ICly noticeable as the mustard color.


I like the current system.

The lack of access to appropriately matched items has kept my character from utilizing them up to this point.

I hope that lense and wig tailors start offering products soon.

It might be cool to allow characters with a high enough Disguise skill to shift the @skintone that ynk refers to in the OP. Even cooler if it could only be shifted to degrees. Not straight white to black. But through yellows and browns, depending on the skill of the character.

I definitely understand Hank's point of view, the fact the skin tone doesn't match up and/or the wording doesn't often make grammatical sense is something that makes the disguise somewhat obvious. Perhaps that's a deliberate design decision to represent cheaply made products, but I suspect it has more to do with limitations to the code.

Custom designed wigs are definitely in the (hopefully near) future, the intent is there and ICly the means exist, but last I checked the code was broken. Unsure if this has changed and not sure to what extent customisation is manageable. Something not dissimilar to the existing tailoring system would work well, but perhaps with added skin tone functionality.

I can't find the reply now, but I do recall getting a reply from a Staff member from me voicing similar concerns, something to the effect of "There's an IC way of addressing this."

Custom designed wigs *might* already be a thing, but I don't know for sure.

@MongOfTheWeek: "Perhaps that's a deliberate design decision to represent cheaply made products"

It is not. It's been stated in the Massive Disguise Update thread that you're not allowed to ICly notice the obvious wig and/or lenses.

I think this is a serious problem.

I couldn't find it written there, but I did find this quote from Slither in the first post of the thread:

"These items cover up your existing @nakeds, and LOOK like @nakeds. They appear the same color as them."

This is clearly not true. Having seen them multiple times, wigs & lenses appear as mustard.

Just to echo that the current system is worse from an OOC perspective than just like, being able to write new (but appropriately compatible) nakeds. Aside from superficial observance (where disguise is quite handy) and somewhat theoretical metagaming protections, disguises actually make you stand out like a sore thumb and immediately signal to everyone that looks at you that something is afoot. They're useful for like, plausible deniability and avoiding surveillance, but just being able to set a custom name alone would be better than the current 'I AM A DISGUISED PLAYER' mechanics.
tbh this is a bit of tl;dr

But, did I read that disguise items with wildly off @skintone other other cues should be "ignored" ICly?



Come on now. I can think if plenty of uses for a mismatched, not face to face for extended periods, type of disguise.

Bumping this as unfortunately the OP does appear to be correct. Wigs and contacts always show in mustard which shows up quite vividly if you've changed your skintone. A workaround for this is to set your skintone colour to mustard for the duration of the disguise but arguably it is a meta solution for a meta problem and with the current line there are other colour cues that give even this workaround away. It'd be ace if wigs and contacts just automatically matched the wearers natural skintone so folks are not having to pretend they don't know someone is wearing a disguise.
IIRC it's a code issue that they don't color change to match your skin and not anything intentional. It's being worked on.