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Unfixed bugs changing to 'Obsolete'

Alright, this has been happening for a while, I'm not entirely sure what the deal is.

My submitted bugs page is FULL of bugs that I've submitted (mostly for the grid) that... just go straight from 'Awaiting Triage' to 'Obsolete', even when the bugs themselves are still very much present. Is there something I'm missing, or what? Do they just automatically get marked obsolete after X amount of months?

Not to speak for anyone, but there was some discussion that Grid changes are coming. My guess is that the current system will not really be sticking around and putting effort into fixing those issues is counter productive to dealing with whatever system will enhance/replace it.

Would make sense to call them obsolete from a tracking perspective if they are issues that you are not going to tackle at least.

Most likely either duplicates we didn't need or old enough that we closed them.