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The Gate Assumption
Fresh through the Gates != Without skills

Took me a little bit to write this because I didn't want it to just be a bitch on the BGBB. I tried to offer some advice, and to make an attempt to avoid discussing the mechanics.

Something I am noticing in SIC fairly frequently, is the assumption that just because someone is fresh to the dome, they don't have the skills and attributes to back up their statements. Or that EVERYONE who comes in the gates is not adequately skilled, or is somehow on an even level.

This is an OOC issue. It's small worlding. And it's something that needs to stop. Wait a a week and see how an immigrant settles before you smash accusations about them not playing to stats and skills, or that they are, "Fresh in the gates." Unless it's very blatant.

Not even getting into the mechanics of it, it's just silly to me, to assume that in a city that admits tens of thousands a day(Or more), that every single one is going to come in on an even playing field. This is foolish to the extreme. And while it seems to have chilled out for combat skills that I've seen, it seems like in general it's still going on.

So here's some sugar with the salt. Some advice on how to deal with thinking someone is not playing their character correctly without jumping to the gate assumption.

For those acting on the gate assumption.

First off, rather than mention the gate. Try challenging where they got the knowledge they are spouting instead. "How do you know about that combat style?" "Where'd you get that info?"

Second Off: Rather than mention the gate, try watching a character work, and seeing if they are as skilled as they think they are. Because again, there's all kinds of ways you can tell this. Without jumping immediately to, "You are an immy, you suck by definition."

Third off: Try and think about things in a way that doesn't involve the gate. And question in that direction. If a history was approved, then that likely means that GM's have gone through it and made sure it's not sus, and thus hasn't gone through the gates with unreal ideas of their skills and statistics.

For those roleplaying new immigrants.

Simple tenants.

1. You do not know everything about the world. You may know some things. But remember that withmore tech is weird and full of prototypes and things only found here and in Miami(Presumably).

2. Get lost in the world. Play to your stats, and just get lost in it.

3. Know when to defend yourself, and when to slow your roll. This is a complex subject to get into, and to explain it would involve discussing IC things which I am trying to avoid. But just be fluid in your responses.

4. If you're a reroll, have a character in mind, and don't waffle on it.

i agree with most of this honestly, it gets quite irritating when players denigrate immies (for mostly ooc reasons) and it happens too often

not entirely related to gauging immy skill though - but i just wanted to address some other things related to how immies are treated that ive been seeing recently

1. dont assume they want in on your moosex cult or want to do sex work. not everyone wants to erp and people new to muds shouldnt be given the wrong idea that its a necessary part of sindome even if its themely. there are other jobs that immies can do. quit being horny

2. engage with them and for the love of anor just talk to them. just because they're new to the setting, a bit cringy, or dont know how to use commands properly - they shouldnt be ignored, ridiculed or shooed away. i know the withmore welcome and hostility can be more typical but it can put off newer players (not trying to say people should be soft on immies, but dont alienate them either)

It's dangerous to try and pretend things aren't the way the game tells you they are. Yes, it's meta and OOC and awful, but it's there for a reason. Immies are stupid, weak, and in my experience, come in two varieties, the quiet type that just gets on and is friends with everyone (because they know they can't afford not to be) and the bold, loudmouth one that's always getting in trouble. If suddenly everyone starts treating that loudmouth like they're an actual threat, or have real connections or funds or whatever, they're gonna have a real bad time. Why do you think people ask you when you first came into the city? And those loudmouth immies are the best. We've had some really great immies like that recently, and I love them.

I would love for this not to happen, but I would heavily argue that this is a game issue more than a player issue. If you want immies to not be treated like the walking warm bodies they are, make them not be walking warm bodies. I've proposed ideas before as to how we could have immies that are still comparatively weak, but have a lot of variance between them in competence. But for now? They have to bluff, because everyone knows they suck. Some players will let them get away with it, other's won't. Most won't.


If someone gets alienated by a ganger hitting on them when they enter the city, or a club asking them to dance or joy or whatever, they're going to be alienated by far, far worse things soon enough. I've never seen 'gatekeeping' related to sex. Yes, some people are horny fuckers and moosex a little too much, but I've never seen anyone gatekeep with it, unless you're talking about harems, which... I mean, kind of moot point. Everyone gets proposed and I think shielding immies from that is deceptive.

Engaging with them is good, yes. But I would argue ridiculing them IS engaging them. I'm not saying bully all immies, but I am saying don't coddle them because they are immies. It's all about balance. Tease them a bit, maybe a good kick in the ribs if they're mouthy. Even in situations where you're teaching an immy a lesson, make it fun for them. Commend them on their bravery. Humiliate them a bit, but make it fun. Think 'pick up that osakasama' instead of 'attack x'. Give them a job a bit above their paygrade, see if they take it, how they handle it. Give them a peek or a hint to your private biz.

It's the same argument from the sex thing. Don't try and pretend people won't eat them alive, because they will, later on. Just give them a nibble instead of a bite. They're not children. If they can't take it then, they definitely won't take it when the odds matter.