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Summer Town Hall 2020 Topic Suggestion Response

"For the town hall, it would be great to get an update on the progress of allowing characters to use the Security Analyzer to reset / unscan devices. Is that still planned, or has it been shelved? If it's still planned, is there an estimated date for it to be implemented?

And if it is still going to happen, has staff given consideration to the concerns brought up in the linked discussion?"

Yes, it is still planned. Code has been written. Mobius is on it.

"Is staff aware of the concern of a single tech (or two) basically monopolizing the niche by taking down everyone else's devices? (I don't expect staff to discuss how they would mitigate it, and in fact I hope that they do not discuss specifics. I believe it would make people feel more comfortable if there is some acknowledgement that staff is aware of / thinking about it.)"

This issue is not specific to this piece of code. We have the same issue with tow trucks, and auto theives. The plan is to address it as it comes up, either with OOC restrictions / reminders, or with code changes.