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Suicide Booth Video
Should it be forced to the ad screens?

I requested permission to start this thread. I'm asking player opinions on forcing the feed from the suicide booth out to where it can not be avoided, short of leaving the game.

I disagree with having it not be avoidable. My objection is limited to that single aspect. It's not having the booth in the game, or having the booth feed follow Class Wars.

I think it's far better than the 4 hour long SIC tirades that people have leading up to suicide. While suicide is more distasteful, I think players expecting attention for playing out being suicidal is more gross that it actually being done in some Cube-esque ways.

As for it being broadcast, there's lots of things people ignore in the game. Just because players like murder in the game, doesn't mean they do in real life. Or people who dislike murder in the game might like it in-- Wait.

You get my point.

Can you explain why do you think it's a bad thing to force suicide footage in television feed?
There are always going to be people that have experienced things in real life that they never want to witness again in life. However, we're a game with nearly 1000 registered user accounts or more, and the game has had these themes and ideas for over 20 years now.

It's a volunteer to play and continue to play game, an opt-in experience. We're perfectly okay if you feel uncomfortable about continuing to play Sindome because of some of the content we allow in.

If I had any advice, it would be seek professional counseling to help cope with the experiences you cannot handle. It's my personal belief that every person that carries something with them has the responsibility to not adversely affect people around them or try to force others or society to change for the benefit of the individual. I believe this to the point it's the philosophy that I apply to myself with the vast number of negative experiences I've had in my life, including my time in the military.

People won't always understand your experiences and I believe it's best to not expect them to understand.

That's the best I can offer. We won't change Sindome to suit other people's experiences and the only content we police is sexual assault/rape content because that's an area that just doesn't need to be explored in roleplay in this community.

I think it was excellently done, given the content of the broadcast. It almost felt like an “on purpose oops”. I wish there was more outrage IC, though. I think that was the point.
And yes, if you haven't caught it yet, the whole point of putting that footage there in the first place is to make dehumanize the Mixer, and desensitize the population to violence against the Mixer. I think it'd be great if there was more IC reaction to this content in the game.

I have to agree with and echo what Cerberus said.

We are a game of difficult experiences, adult content, and brutality that is hard to avoid and even harder to ignore. If the themes of the game are not acceptable to you, you can try to change them ICly, but OOCly, please understand that we are aware of how difficult some of the content is to see.

Look at first person shooters. You run around shooting people and killing them. Some folks that have been in a traumatic experience involving a fire arm will not play these games. No harm, no foul.

However, that doesn't mean that games like that should not exist, or are under an obligation to change what they are about because some folks voluntarily play them and don't like the content they have.

Sindome is a dark and gritty world. We do not shy away from the grit. We embrace it. Even when it's hard.

I think my point was overlooked. The only objection I am raising is that it was forced out with no way to avoid it.

I am not making any other statement or point.

There is a way to avoid city-wide content. Buy a television/wall screen/etc and change it to a different channel. City-wide broadcasts don't override manual channel selection if you own a television object.
Cerberus, thank you. I moved the character to a room without a television when it came on, that was probably where I missed that.

And my therapist should be nominated for sainthood.

There is a way to avoid city-wide content. Buy a television/wall screen/etc and change it to a different channel. City-wide broadcasts don't override manual channel selection if you own a television object.

Are you sure about this?

I remember the KMB event that involved a certain african american, big dicked char, in 2015. And it was on master broadcast, on every room in the dome, with no way to avoid it.

Or do I remember this incorrectly?

Those broadcasts are on a specific channel. If you own a TV you can just change away from that channel.