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Speaking in spoofs

I want to be able to use quotations and "speak" in a !spoof. Unless i'm doing it wrong, we can't. I would like to. :-)
The Spoof command isn't for things your character says.

But, if you want to write a line of RP in which your character speaks, but the sentence does not start with your character's name, there's a way.

Type :::

Then type a sentence which includes your speech.

If your character's name is Goatface, and you type this:

::: As his brow beads with sweat, he begs, "No! God, no, not in the FAAACE!"

The emote will come out like this:

Goatface: As his brow beads with sweat, he begs, "No! God, no, not in the FAAACE!"

I feel like that's kind of a contrived and weak example, not the best, but it's a demonstration of an emote which lets you use grammar and sentence structure the way you want to. Since the attribution is at the beginning of the line, the sentence doesn't even have to contain your name at all - it certainly doesn't have to be the first word of the sentence you want to write.

This is the next best thing to being able to speak in spoofs, and you can't speak in a spoof for reasons.

Thanks for the quick response. I remember seeing that ::: in some help file now, but i don't like the attribution in the beginning, much like the spoof attribute at the end drives me crazy when not associated with a player. Just my personal preference, so I avoid them, but i understand why they're needed. Maybe i just need to get over it.

Is the reason the spoof is not able to handle speech because people can meta it and make other pc's, npc's talk? Because that would be lame if someone did that.

::: is most likely not in a help file. It's not an actual command.

: is shorthand for emote which does :looks around.

Brendan looks around.

:: is short hand for an emote without a space after it. ::'s eyes flash darkly.

Brendan's eyes flash darkly.

::: is literally just asking the emote command to skip the space and start your emote with a colon.

I would personally find this immersion breaking. You could write your emote differently so as to accomplish your goal:

:doesn't seem to notice the band playing loud music on the stage and he continues speaking to Johnny, "These players, huh?"

If you're doing that though you might as well use pose which actually does pronoun subbing.

.don't seem to notice the band..... (Pretty sure that would work)

Spoof is for ambient messages to add... Ambience.


Slither don'ts seem to notice the band playing... ? ;)

How about for the pose:

.seem to ignore the loud playing band and .continue talking to Johnny "These players, huh?"

(Slither seems to ignore the loud playing band and continues talking to Johnny "These players, huh? Especially that one dragon.")

pose warily .watche Slither, sure there was some comment made. (thecraftydragon warily watches Slither, sure there was some comment made.)



That triple colon (:::) that Slither suggested, I've used it and have seen a couple others use it. It's a decent way to work around the very minor limitation. In a way, instead of having your name at the end, it's at the beginning, and still lots of fun to use at certain times.

::: An amused murmur of "You've got to be kidding me." escapes my lips as the band's singer croons to fleurtygirl yet again.

tcd: An amused murmur.... *wink*

Eek! Crafty, did you just emote at "me"?

I don't want to die!

Just kidding. Pretty funny though, for someone taking Slither's mickey.

(thecraftydragon bows.)

Na, Linekin, read that again.

It would show up as:

tcd: An amused murmur of "You've got to be kidding me." escapes my lips as the band's singer croons to fleurtygirl yet again.

Only vague pronoun is the "my" which goes back to the starting "tcd". No "you" there to question since both the band's singer and fleurtygirl are properly pointed out.

Though I guess just to be safe, a better way of doing it would be:

tcd: An amused murmur of "You've got to be kidding me." escapes tcd's lips as the band's singer croons to fleurtygirl yet again.


But that post is a good one to read for those who haven't already. (or to reread newly) ;) By the way, don't you have a clone? Doc Wagon is sure to help you out. For a price.

Though I do like Goatface:

If your character's name is Goatface, and you type this:

::: As his brow beads with sweat, he begs, "No! God, no, not in the FAAACE!"

The emote will come out like this:

Goatface: As his brow beads with sweat, he begs, "No! God, no, not in the FAAACE!"


I'm tired and hoping I didn't misread anything. A possibility. But tease away.

I'm for it.

(I think.) ;) *wink*

"My" doesn't turn into "Crafty's" in emotes. The other person still sees "my".
Learn about emotes and poses and quit spoofing.

That's my advice.

@Jinx, oh i have, and i keep learning. But with a such a wide variety of tools at our disposal why not use them? I like the idea of being able to add clauses (like spoof enables us to do) before the mandatory first person subject, it adds a lot of flavor to the pose i think and i use it relatively frequently. Speaking in it isn't necessary, really. If you already want know what you want to say in the spoof you can have it out in a followup command in just a couple of seconds in a "to goatface" so nothing really lost, there.

As far as the pose command goes, it's a work of art that i've never seen before, but it takes a lot of time, trial and error, and practice, practice, practice, and i still screw it up. Especially with complex poses with multiple objects, or objects of the same sex, etc. Things can get jumbled up real fast if i'm not super careful and even if i am it happens. I don't feel that bad though, because i see long time veterans who "think" they nail it every time screw it up all the the time, too. The pose here is a beautiful monster: Hard to tame...nearly impossible to master. That's why i like the variety of other forms offered too.

.don't seem to notice

^ actually valid for 1st person, incorrect for 3rd person. I thought that pose would properly hand changing don't to doesn't as it does handle this properly for some words.

Pose isn't perfect and there are times where you need to write your first person pose a bit weirdly for it to show up correctly in the third person.

@tutorials has a pose tutorial which contains a mirror so you can practice!

.do not

Actually, *wink*, if you do that, since poses only add an 's', not 'es', you get:

Linekin dos this. Slither too.

.doe (poke poke) ;) .doe not (for does not)

.watche the teasing between Linekin and Slither while I .eat popcorn and .prepare for my popcorn being dumped on my head.

Aaaaactually, Linekin is quite correct. There are cases where pose will infact add an es. So, the teases will now be directed at YOU.

.do not do that.

You do not do that.

On the television: -28194 @ Emote Tutorial] Seven does not do that.


(It didn't show up with es before but hey! I'll be teased.)

Now to learn which do that change so I don't do something and it shows up as '...hees' at the end instead of '...hes'.


Does am change to is? (Of course this is poses not spoof but still wondering.)

Sniff. Nope. Becomes isses. ;)

You can still tease though. I'm ready.

Irregular verbs don't parse at all.

.am yields 'You am' and 'Crafty ams'

.have yields 'You have' and 'Crafty haves'

THAT right there is actually a halfway decent reason to use an emote instead of a pose once in a while. The other halfway decent reason to do it is to take advantage of :: for which there is no pose equivalent.

The verbs which get the 'e' added before the 's' are the ones where the verbs already end with a vowel. The verbs which don't end with a vowel but need the E can be posed with the extra e, which will only appear to the poser's point of view.

.do yields 'You do' and 'Crafty does'

.reach yields 'You reach' and 'Crafty reachs'

so you can do this instead:

.reache which yields 'You reache' and 'Crafty reaches'

(The person doing the pose is the only person who sees the weird 'reache', everyone else sees it with the S and it looks normal.)

Since we're going there...I've made it a habit of just adding the 'e' myself no matter what. Is this wrong?

ie. I .watche him go through the door then .doe a handstand and .goe through it, too.

Weird example but yeah. Also, how about conjugated verbs for objects of the sentence besides myself? Does this work?

ie. I .watche as linekin .sprint through the door.

Does he see... "She watches as you sprint through the door." whereas i see, "You watch as Linekin sprints through the door." ???

Don't get me started on using the same genders in a complicated pose. I HAVE to remember to just use the char's name and let the code sort out the she's/he's/ hers/and his's. Its the only way i can do it without garbling everything. It gets bad when i'm tired, too (and embarassingly illegible)

Only add the extra E when:

You know that it needs to be there AND the first-person version of the verb does NOT end with a vowel.

.do, .make, .squee all work fine without the player needing to "help" the parser by adding the extra E themselves.

.watch, .stretch, .attach need it.

.cough, .sigh obviously don't need it at all, and are the reason that verbs ending in "H" aren't automatically handled by the parser. The H rule isn't as predictable as the Vowel rule, at least not in code. The parser doesn't know when H at the end of a verb is sounding as a consonant sound or as a vowel sound, and as a "hard" consonant or as a softer one.

In other news:

English hard.

More at eleven.