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Social Emotes & Godmodding?

I'm not sure if this is just accepted because it's coded in game, and most of the time it's not really all that big of a deal. But aren't some of the social commands kind of GodModdy?

Kiss [Person] - You kiss [Person] on the lips passionately.

Doesn't that take my agency away in determining whether or not I want the person to kiss me? Maybe I'm mad at them? Or what if a mixer is on the Lev and emotes kissing a Corpie... (the horror!). There's no way they can react because the social assumes it has already happened. In most of the MMOs I played, that was a huge no no. You emoted your actions and what you wanted to do and never just assumed that your action was going to be completed.

So shouldn't it go something like:

Kiss [Person] - You attempt to passionately kiss [Person] on the lips

Then I can emote back a response, surprise, disgust, passion, whatever. It doesn't take my agency away for my action. I'm sure there are others out there and maybe I'm the only one who notices this, but it was just something that I thought about this morning.

This is a very good point. Anything hard coded like a social should not assume success if it involves making contact with another character.

I have had similar situations where characters will just walk up and smell my character. It would be great if they posed the attempt first, and then allowed a response before using the command.

It's good etiquette to never assume that a character is going to let your character into their personal space.

Some of the better roleplayers will emote an attempt to things like kiss/hug first. Then if there's a success, the actual emote follows.
I think most people use these sort of things at least reasonably responsibly, but there is one (maybe there's others I haven't noticed) @social I do feel isn't suitable:

- gooses on the ass, causing to jump out of surprise. (or something very close to that)

Does it?! It's something that often isn't a surprise at all, and just feels a bit awkward trying to give the ass-gooser a calm, dead-eyed stare after I've just "jumped out of surprise" (for example). Should I OOC to tell them to ignore the jumping part? I don't like that a a fix personally.

I think removing the goose-victim's reaction to the social would be suitable here, let us decide how our character reacts to being pinched on the bum, pleeease :)

- (x-player) gooses (y-player) on the ass, causing (y-player) to jump out of surprise. (or something very close to that)

Sorry, forgot we can't use pointy brackets :/

Delete default socials, let us make our own since we have a system now to do that. Socials are drek. Down with socials!
Or just kill anybody who touches you/kisses you/hugs you without RPing it the right way.

Or just hate them IC.

Or other such IC consequences for lazy RP/@socials.

....I'm serious.

I get the idea of initiating IC consequences for poor roleplaying, but I feel like that kind of set a bad precedent for people to be rewarded with RP by RPing badly. I think people have some OOC responsibility to not godmod, even if it's possible to ICly deflect off their nonsense.
If people do it, feel free to take a moment to explain on local ooc, in a non dickish way, why it is considered poor form.

Write a help file on it or pick an existing one and modify it, then email it to me to add to the game.

These are steps you can take to help us! It will always be an issue because there will always be new people. So the more stuff we can point them to the better.

I was feeling extra friendly today so I went ahead and updated 'help socials' to address the concerns outlined here. Please read it and feel free to point others to the help file in a friendly manner if you think it would be helpful to them.

I do want to explicitly point out that we are not planning to change socials at this time - not even those that can be abused. This is because they are useful. All of them. As the help file says, socials are like emote/pose shortcuts to RP you have already done, or know the intended outcome of. We don't see a good reason to take these shortcuts away at this time.