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Services Mixers on Green
Is it a problem? Then you are the soloution.

I've seen it mentioned a few times in another thread that people dislike how Service Mixers sometimes live on Green and are sometimes too openly accepted by Corporate Citizens. I honestly agree. The fact is however, that if a player can afford the rent they can rent a pad on any level they want within certain IC limitations - they just can't apply memberships topside unless they are a corpie.

The solution? PCs. As usual, we want to see PCs be proactive here. Have your corpie PC act the part publicly even if they secretly love the mix or particular mixers. Have them make life hard for any Service Mixers spending too much time topside. Make life hard for any Corporate Citizen seen to be openly associating with a Service Mixer.

Have your PC be loud and pushy about it. Be the rich, entitled, classist antagonist that calls the Judges on Service Mixers for minor or non-existent problems. Have them report these things to bosses and gossip about the liaisons to co-workers. Collect data the launch smear campaigns against them - especially if they aren't from your corp.

Openly treat Service Mixers like second class citizens and be ready to make their life hell if they try and buck you. Literally order them about like servants or briskly dismiss them from any conversation they try and be a part of with other Corpies. Bluntly point out their lack of status and worth at every opportunity.

Lead the way and be the reason why Service Mixers find living topside just as bad as living in the mix though for different reasons.

As someone who bitches about this nonstop IC and brought it up in that thread, I think this is a great post in hopes that corporate citizens do themely treat service mixers living on topside like the trash that just moved in that will lower property values and bring crime and disease to the neighborhood. From my limited POV, though, it's probably not going to change without staff nudging and pushing here and there as well.

Unfortunately I can't say why, and I won't because I don't want to sound like I'm targeting or talking ooc trash about anyone or telling anyone how to play SD.

One thing I do notice though that is when Myself or others bring this topic up, it's met with eye rolls IC or people ignoring it, because of...reasons.

I will say though that I have seen staff appropriately handle service mixers harassing or stepping out of line to corporate citizens in a themely way or give corporate players the ic resources to do so themselves a few times, which is great.

I think there's opportunity for NPC and PC service bosses to enforce this more. As pillars of the topside community, just telling people they can move to Green if they -want- to doesnt really portray the whole picture. They should feel completely replaceable and constantly in fear of being fired or humiliated.

I know it's up to us to enforce this, but when we have to discount what a NPC said, its not quite as effective? I dunno. Maybe this is done intentionally or maybe the staff just doesnt have time to get into it. Just a suggestion.

Garbage out.
Keep Green Kleen.
Always felt it was strange player pads went directly from Red to Green. It would make a lot of sense for Service to live on Gold, thematically where most of them work, where all the service businesses and departments are headquartered.

Service in general I find somewhat ill-defined and not especially well-defined in terms of rights, privileges, status, overall concept. You have people running whole city departments who have functionally less status than waitresses, all the ambiguity in terms of what legal lease holders are in terms of social and legal standing, and with the exclusion of a few jobs they're pretty much just 2-4 week pre-Corporate trial periods where it's often not in a corporate player's practical interest OOC to alienate a future potential colleague just for the sake of IC theme.

Really if there were mid-tier pads on Gold, you could do away with the concept of Service altogether -- just Corporate and non-Corporate. Have more mixers on Gold for all the social and economic and crime improvements that could yield, and tie non-Corporate social standing topside to presentation and wealth. Make topside lease holders corporate citizens in the bargain. Clone Angel, Wicks, et cetera? You can afford to live out of the Mix, but not like, weirdly out of place, in the secure corporate suburban level.

Nothing stops you from living on Gold.
Nothing stops you from living on Gold.

Why would any qualifying service character want to live out of a terrible Hab-X cube at IC expense when they can live for free at the Krakeon with a standard membership? As I said: Member Pads.

I agree, I think Service living on Green is weird based on how the society in Withmore is structured. Having some Krakeon equivalents on Gold for characters of appropriate wealth/standing could obviate that weirdness.

Erm. Though now I see I actually said player pads, which was ambiguous. I meant to say member pads.
We will not be providing member pads on gold.
Then objecting Green residents will just have to RP holding their noses when going down Plessis! I'm a fan of anything that brings top-siders and mixers into physical proximity, for all the interesting role-play that can produce, but I can appreciate the physical spaces and zoning are pretty 'locked in' at this stage, barring some significant overhauls or new developments.
I personally think that if topsider PCs can't find support from their fellow PCs in harassing mixers, then they're either not finding the right PCs to be allied with, or they're not considering having support from NPCs. I'm sure that staff when they have the time, would be entirely willing to help strengthen the theme.
Why would any qualifying service character want to live out of a terrible Hab-X cube at IC expense when they can live for free at the Krakeon with a standard membership? As I said: Member Pads.

Eh? AFAIK service mixers can't apply membership pads topside unless I am misunderstanding something in OP.

You can live on GOLD if you want, you just get to live in a cube.

Yeah, I remember there was a change in that a few years ago. Used to be that service mixers can have membership pads on Green, but now they can't. So, any service mixers you see on Green are paying for it.
Ah okay, my mistake. Had read something erroneous in that regard.
There are no plans to have pads added to Gold and I am currently against this ever happening for gameplay reasons.

Service Mixer is not some kind of murky status. They are mixers plain and simple. They have no more status or rights than any other mixer. They are not Corporate Citizens or half and half. They get no special treatment beyond what they can gather via RP within the constraint of their low status.

If you have specific examples of a service mixer that 'runs a whole city department' reach out to me via xhelp so I can check if this is an OOC error though I am betting that it is a matter of making assumptions in most cases.