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Role playing and community

So far i only role played a little but it seems that a character's actions especially starting out doesn't do much in the game world! I am just wondering if that is character's interaction or am I not seeing the bigger picture. I also understand that the community seems to be triggered on OOC chat a lot. To me I use my characters when mad or sad and it doesn't always work for my character.

Just my observing for when I played so far!

You can make as little or as much impact as you want, though flying low is generally the safe strategy for a new player. I am not a grizzly vet here, but I have seen people walking out of the gates and impacting a lot of people from the get-go. This doesn't always end well for the PC, but hey, it's an option.

As for OOC chat, I personally just keep it off, for good.

What do you mean flying low?
I believe Marleen meant trying not to make too many waves until you get more established. When you come in the gates (with a brand new character) you're pretty much a nobody. Think of it sort of like a fresh-eyed person coming to a big city like New York. Chances are, you aren't going to be able to do much until you make connections and prove yourself in a trade.

Alternatively you can start being loud and create a ruckus to get attention. The kind of attention you get may not be the safe kind though! It is one way[/] to meet all kinds of people though.

I personally stay off OOC chat as well and try to stay IC as much as I can.

I whoopsied a bracket there. That [/] should have ended my italics, whoops.
Floored got it. While being popular certainly has upsides, it also has a lot of "downsides", so enjoy being able to be under the radar of most people. It's very easy to become much more noticed, but the other way around is not so easy, so if you will want to down the line, you can always do some stuff to make waves.
You can play any way that works best for your character! 😊

From living in the shadows and being merely a whisper on everyone's radar, to attending every social gathering and making a name for yourself -- and everything in-between.

Be as loud or as quiet as you want to be. Make as many mistakes as possible when the stakes are low. 👍

Pick somebody to mess with and mess with them.