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Re: Small worlding
And gangs

So, ever been in a city with 80 whatever million people? No, because a city with even half that number of people doesn't exist. In a city of less than 9 million (New York) the streets of the central part of the city are literally teeming with people all the time. Now multiply that by 10. Now you're going to tell me that you are collecting tolls from that volume of people for walking on "YOUR" street? Really? Just curious.
I'm not sure I understand. You're walking down a street teeming with hundreds of gang members and you don't think it's fair that one of them steps out in front of you and robs you occasionally?
Hundreds of gang members might be an overstatement, but even if it's not that's compared to thousands of onlookers. I'm saying that if you were in compton, or (insert bad and less populated neighborhood here) that'd be pretty expected, but if you're cruizing times square in the middle of the day it'd be... silly to say the least. So you're going to stop 1 or even 10 people on the street and basically extort them while a thousand other people walk by?
The Mix isn't Compton, it's a hell on earth worse than has ever existed and there are absolutely hundreds of members of every major gang and they are the government there. Gang leaders in SD aren't just loser punks, they're warlords building little baronies in a megaslum.
All I'm saying is, if not small worlding means acting as though there are hundreds of gang members, then you have to act as though there are hundreds of thousands of everyone else. Literally everywhere. I mean stop and think about that for a second because it's something hard to wrap your head around. Thousands of people for every one of your "barons" I'm not saying they shouldn't be powerful and influential to the max, but I am saying they'd literally be swimming in a sea of people and just picking out a random 1 or 3 here and there in front of thousands of others and extorting them. I'm not saying it's wrong, hell there are a ton of things in this game that don't make sense in the real world, it does seem silly as fuck if you stop and think about it.
They're stopping those other people too. Read the room descriptions. Like every single room in Red talks about gangers fucking with people on the street or just outright murdering them.

If you want to make sure you don't get noticed, there are skills for that.

Ah, oh I didn't even think about doing either of those things. Thanks!
It's a relatively common concept that PCs are the ones who stand out from the general populace.The rest are just... Peons, who go with the flow and keep their heads down.

Plus, they also get taxed. As for the other thousands of people standing by and doing nothing, you're literally told at the gates that the gangs RUN the Mix, and they do, in every sense of the word. The nameless NPCs don't rebel or do anything against it because again, they're faceless peons just trying to survive.

Don't wanna get taxed? Find a way not to. That's the whole point of the game. In my eyes, taxing people creates opportunities for good RP.

+1 Sly

Still new here, but I'consider tolls as more of a price of doing business instead of a shakedown/mugging.

PC's are the movers and the shakers. Ambient pop are the workers and the consumers. They are already spending their flash on the ganger's turf. There's no reason to toll them. But the Playas that are on ganger turf making mad stacks? Those chummers are the ones that need to pay up. PC's should see it as a compliment??