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Phonecalls not displaying voices
Hello? Is this my ace kool speaking?

Can we get phone calls to display voices more consistently, please? It seems like they follow the same pattern like normal talk. And it is pretty weird to get a call and not 'hear' the voice until five minutes in, which often leads to awkward introductions over the phone, even if you are calling a friend who normally would recognize your voice instantly.

Maybe a system like with radios, where every sentence seems to display the voice?

Would also make it that much more important to disguise one's voice when a situation requires it.
I think it would be fair to conclude that your ability to perceives someones voice on the phone and in other situations is largely based on the according stat (and possibly skill).


But why is such an important game feature (important enough that the game pings new characters multiple times to set a @voice message) dependent on stats/skills? @voice shows up whenever someone talks on the radio. Why not the phone too? Also, it doesn't take a genius or even someone paying much attention to tell the difference between a "deep southern drawl" and a "chipper Japanese-accented voice" or what have you. I think @voice should be displayed every time somebody speaks on the phone.
Since voices display consistently on all dialogue in radio and camera transmissions, I feel like phones should be the same. This could also open up some avenues of RP where someone's voice changes depending on their mood.
I think making voices more prominent in phone calls would harmonize phones with radios and television and also open up more RP.

Oh, batko said that. Well, she's right.

This could also open up some avenues of RP where someone's voice changes depending on their mood.

You can do this now.

One of the times when someone's @voice message is displayed is if it has a new value compared to the last time you heard it.

Would it solve it if on any phone call, the first message always has the voice message. Because I agree, it should not be hard to understand if you are talking to a man or woman or someone with a heavy accent. That's just something that anyone using the device should get.