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New characters can't see encrypted keys
"Withmore's been quiet lately..."

Currently new characters automatically ignore encrypted keys by default. This hurts RP and new immies might not know to turn on SIC encryption. Also, since the @options encrypted command is OOC, it's impossible to tell someone how to change this setting without using local OOC and thus being in the same room as them.

I suggest that encrypted keys should be shown by default. It offers so much data and RP opportunity that it's just a huge negative overall for immies if they don't know to enable it. Also, if people see that others are active on SIC encrypted keys, they'll know that the MOO is not dead even when pubSIC has been quiet.

I also back this suggestion and this was my fear I expressed when the feature was rolled out. I'd rather the new player reminders told people about the option so they could mute them if they want, rather than have it on default.

Especially late at night on off hours, where sic might not be active outside encryptions - if you log in around that time and don't see the encryptions going off, it can seem super dead.

Totally agree, think I raised my concerns of it being off by defualt over being on by defualt.
This suggestion is stamped with the ratchet seal of approval.
For sure. Definitely affected my impressions when I first started playing too, before I turned it on.