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Noticing some issues

Move lag has always been a thing. That is to say, if you enter something like n, n, n, w, n, e, e, sometimes this will get messed up. That's fine, you can usually sub it out for go n n n w n e e and it works fine. But lately I've been noticing it messing up slightly more often, especially while sneaking.

Specifically, sometimes I will try to sneak a direction and the input sneak e will return nothing. Even if I type it again, nothing. Then if I try to go e, I'll sneak that way for some reason. Stop M sometimes fixes this issue, but I've done sneak e, gotten nothing, then stop m and sneak n, and what'll happen is I'll like, teleport into the east room for a split second then sneak north.

Another thing is that sometimes while shadowing people I will just walk after the person instead of sneaking after them. This is highly embarrassing.

A couple other people have noticed this too and it -seems- to be getting worse, but that might just be confirmation bias or something. Anyway I thought I'd make a thread because I don't know how I'd fit that into a bug report.

To add, this happens a lot when walking normally as well. I have to stop w to halt the process and re-enter the command.
I'll consistently have a sneak command get eaten by the game (no feedback, have to stop m and re-send) like one out of every three or four times if I'm trying to sneak one room at a time quickly. I don't think it happens as often if you wait a second after entering a room.

I didn't see the teleport thing until earlier today. I dunno if it's gotten worse but sneaking's pretty goofy right now.

Going to add if it helps that a few nights ago a lot of people were getting TBs while trying to walk that were complaining about a resource issue. I did @bug this.
I've noticed the sneak east nets you nothing and then go east producing teleportation weirdness as well.
I have been watching this pretty closely and noticing that it happens most often right after I climb in a direction (like, climbing over a fence). Nearly every time, if I try to sneak after doing that, nothing happens no matter how many times I repeat the command, I have to type stop moving and then try to sneak.

I also noticed while very tired and sneaking around, it happens more often. Recently I saw an interesting thing where

>sneak s w

resulted in:

You go south, trying to keep a low profile.

You go west, trying to keep a low profile.

Then I appeared in the south room for a split second before teleporting to the west room.

I wanted to add that when I sneak/hide and I shout something, I don't reveal my position and that's kinda weird.
Oh - This is also the same for if you hide and sing. None of those things reveal your position.
Climb screwing up movement has been an issue ever since I was a new player. I suggest training yourself (as I have) to type stop m after a successful climb. It is so ingrained in me that I don't even think about it anymore.

I have looked into the issue in the past but wasn't able to fix it. Feel free to submit a bug and I will look again. For now stop m should solve for most of the cases people have mentioned.

Also, if you are shadowing someone and you break stealth and follow it could have to do with the room you are entering. Some don't allow stealth like the locker room or drome rest room. If you are brought out of sneak you will continue in non sneak mode for the rest of you follow unless you 'hide'.

Also you can hide at any point while in a go or follow and it turns into a sneak or a shadow.


Is there any word on a bug fix for the game eating sneaking commands? I notice it happens a lot too. Like a lot a lot. Is it more likely to happen if you input sneak commands one after the other or should we be queuing sneak commands like 'sneak w w w w'
The issue comes up most when you're erratically trying to change direction to follow someone manually, or to beat them somewhere, you may not realize it but you're inputting commands before the movement queue has time to finish, and it's likely that during times of high population the game is thinking pretty hard, and the movement queue stops processing. If you notice the first command not go through right away just type stop moving or stop m to clear it real quick and continue.

It's hard problem to pin down because it may be related to processing overheard due to high population or volume of commands or combat or other things MOO wide, who knows really, we did some testing last night but were unable to get it to break.

So for now, just stop m in between large shifts of direction with your commands and it should avoid any problems.