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Metagaming on your rerolls
It needs to stop

SD Community:

I just wanted to address the community on something I've noticed happening with increasing regularity, and maybe try and convince some of you that you're shooting yourself in the foot.

I'm talking about the recent glut of characters walking in the gate and either beelining to various important NPC's, lucrative & profitable locations, or generally just bringing YOUR PERSONAL OOC meta knowledge into your rerolls.

Please, stop doing this. You're not just harming the game and the ecosystem that thrives on new, clueless idiot immies coming in the gates, you're also hurting yourself. "But TC, how's it hurt me if my character benefits from my OOC meta knowledge?" Well, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. The rest of the community knows what you're doing. It's super obvious, blatant, and annoying.

Speaking personally, if I encounter a character that disregards the Withmore immigration experience, I'm not treating that character with kid gloves as I would if I had reasonable plausibility that it wasn't just some oldbie's reroll. What's that mean? Here's some examples: If you tick off my character, I'm not going to hire someone to punch your lights out. I'm going to hire them to kill you. I'm not going to offer you 'noob' jobs and work, I'm going to give it to someone who I think might actually be new at the game, or roleplaying appropriately. When I go to hire someone for a job, and it's down to two people to pick from? I'm not picking your character. And I'm just a player here, not in some position of great power, or a GM. YMMV when it comes to those people, but I expect that there's probably some parity present.

Do us all a favor and bug WCS greeters. Get connections organically and stop trying to wedge your new character into your old character's playstyle or plots that involved them. Pay people to train you how to use the skills on your sheet, or get a job where you can get trained on how to use them. Yes, it's slower. Yes it's not ''''gameplay optimal.'''' That's the entire point. We're here to ROLEPLAY. Sindome isn't a game you can WIN. Please stop treating it as such.

Thank you,

A Concerned Withmorian.

It's not even slower. Playing clueless immy IS the speed run.
Hard Agree on the Above.

Just because you as a player know how something is, such as street layout, where jobs are, etc, please find it out IC with a new character. The same goes with things like combat. You will get infinitely more RP if you make a point to play the student rather than trying to metagame a system because you 'know' how it works.

On top of that, when you play a character who avoids the discovery, you miss out on a lot of connections and interesting curveballs along the way.

Plus going back to characters your previous character knew and trying to slot yourself in is metagaming and shouldn't be done. Find new characters, enjoy new avenues of employment. You shouldn't -have- the perfect character. They should have flaws and mess up (even if you the player know that X NPC won't do Y, doesn't mean your character does) and make new enemies and friends. Not doing so is a disservice to other players and yourself.

Immigrant greeters are one of the main plot starters, as is early character RP meeting new people, making connections, etc. Just trying to go back to old habits tends to falter or even straight stop RP because its obvious what you are doing and that is unfair to everyone else involved.


I will be the first to admit that it's hard to break out of the old character comfort zone and do new things, but when you do actually do new things, you'll find yourself not facing burnout as bad (as an oldbie, that is.)
There seems to be a rash of players who roll new characters constantly, and it's painfully obvious. It makes it hard to get involved with plots with those players, because their characters tend to disappear mid plot and then someone else appears. Sometimes wanting to jump back in.

You don't have to 'go hard' as an immy. Feel free to take it slow. You'll burn out slower, you'll take longer to burn out with other characters too.

I will 100% give the clueless immy RP over any other immy.

Also, please don't reveal your prior characters. If you who think it's amusing to drop hints in your RP about who your previous character was: it isn't. Especially if you mimic the prior character's behavior or make a cheeky reference to something only my character and your previous character would know. I notice, and I don't like it.

@ExMachinae: Some people only have interest in playing a character for 2 - 6 months before rolling a new one. I think that's fine. Yes, it's frustrating when one of your plots hinge on the actions of one of those characters, and they just booth. But I feel that's a separate issue of people needing to close out their plots before they reroll.