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Jumping into aeros

So currently if you jump off an edge, and board an aero in the Z space (up down/In the air above, etc) you will enter the aero successfully, and then be warped to the intended destination of your jump.

Personally think it'd be cooler if you could just jump into an aero, but... maybe entering vehicles mid-fall just shouldn't be allowed?


Rule of cool. You should absolutely be able to grab the aero and get in.
Roof jump stat check with the difficulty based on how far the aero is.

If the aero is locked, should let you cling to it and have you keep rolling stats to hang on every room change.

I love the idea of being able to grab onto a vehicle and 'ride' it with a stats check. Gives people without vehicles another way to fuck with vehicle drivers. Maybe make that the effect of 'grapple' when used on cars and aeros?
YT rolls in casually on her dark green skateboard.

YT throws her WAI nylon grappling hook towards Chex Taxi C420, locking on tight!

Chex Taxi C420 cruises away to the Express Tube.

Skating behind a car with a grappling hook would be incredible!