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Increase Faction Limit to 4

I've been hearing a LOT ICly about how people want to be gangsters but the gangs are all full, ICly. This is due to the OOC limitation on having 3 PC faction members -- but with the game much larger than it was in previous years, maybe it should be increased to 4 to give more room for PC concepts?
I like this idea. More players overall, more gangers among them.
I would second this. I think the limits on faction membership shouldn't be the sole balance mechanism. Feeding plots to the 'underdog' factions I think would be a good secondary mechanism, while allowing other factions to grow large enough to have the talent pool to pull of their own complex plots.
I'd be OK with this, since the playerbase could probably support it, but I'll point out that it isn't totally necessary. Turnover on these roles is usually high enough that most characters who really want it will get the chance to join--and they're also very active roles meant to push theme and aren't for everyone.

Honestly I'd rather see a bigger variety of "active" jobs/roles in the Mix, stuff that doesn't involve sitting around a building. There's the gangs/TERRA/WCS but I think there's probably room for more. I guess that's a whole different thread though. :P

In my experience, tons of people want to play gangers because the idea of being this loud, obnoxious criminal resonates with their character concepts. However, in practice, very few people make it past pledging because the vast majority of players can't handle losing everything they own multiple times a week and getting dogged on day and night on pubsic.

I'd say that this would probably be warranted in the event that the gangs are full and there's a pledge backlog, but to the best of my knowledge, that hasn't been the case in recent memory.

+1 to what Waddle is saying as well. There's tons of other really cool stuff you can do out there, even within that petty criminal archetype/mindset. More people doing baddie things in varied roles would be nice!

Yeah, what happened to the shady and silent thugs with a 1000-yard stare?
There are a vast number of vacant jobs and even vacant factions.
Gonna text wall a bit here sorry.

In some places yes...

But the majority of those positions are in places that require...

Time in the game or a lot of time in the game.

I know which factions you are talking about as vacant, and I'd just like to say, a position that requires 2 YEARS of gameplay to gain entry too minimum. That's not something to bring up in a thread about something that generally requires 2 weeks to two months of gameplay to get into.

Vacant jobs that immy's can do are few and far between right now. I've personally watched Immy's spend like 4-5 weeks without a job. Until a player job giver gave them a job at their already overcrowded workplace sacrificing profits to do so. But that's probably easing up a bit as OOCly the US reopens from the perils of the Miller Lite Flu.

I'd personally say open every NPC bar mix side to have 3 tenders, keep topside choked at 1-2 tenders per bar or restaurant to slow the steady flow topside that's notable and really weird right now. And adjust gangs to have 4 members... Without discussing full details, 4 is an ideal number assuming current constraints. As it gives you essentially, a spare in the waiting, and someone who can scheme against current members to try and get them kicked out and cause consequences.

Currently, gang members are super chummy with each other... And that's fine I guess, but in real life there's a lot more power struggle in gangs between internecine cliques... I think a fourth position, which cannot advance beyond the bitch seat, would be a good idea. As it essentially allows for more seamless transferring if someone retires or gets kicked. Suddenly there's a lot more impetus for conflict within the gang itself, and there's a lot more paranoia, because if Ganger A wants their pledge in the gang, they are gonna have to knock Ganger B or C out of the gang.

Personally I've always preferred the model of gangers where you aren't all chums, and in the same clique, but represent an independent interest in the gang. With their own support structures that they build up. I think it makes for stronger and more interesting RP than, 3 chums in the Snailz vs 3 of the Westside Femmeboys... And encourages more cooperative competition to view it like that.

I know which factions you are talking about as vacant, and I'd just like to say, a position that requires 2 YEARS of gameplay to gain entry too minimum.

The positions I'm referring to a character can walk into out of the gate.

There are a lot more jobs than people may realize, but players disproportionately vie for the same few because they're more visible or regarded as being better or easier, or other jobs are viewed as less-desirable (usually wrongly).

I'd be surprised if even half the jobs available in the Mix are occupied by active characters.

My experience is that with characters who go long periods without jobs, their players are deliberately passing on many, many opportunities presented because they're holding out for something that's unavailable or they are unqualified or unsuitable for, and are unwilling to take another route in their story development.
I agree with Ox1mm. There's maybe... Six or seven roles that 90% of the playerbase seem to gravitate to.

You don't have to be a bartender, or security, or a ganger. Even if the job doesn't mechanically exist yet. You could be the first one.

We will consider this for sure but I want to add one thing. Try to be as proactive as possible. Maybe don't sit and wait for a slot to open up. Maybe go out of your way to make a spot become available. :-)
I mean, if there really are this many vacant jobs in the mix or "more jobs than people realise" - maybe there should be more of an focus on educating new players and even current players on these jobs existing via WCS, the grid, SIC puppets, SICads, etc? Instead of just vaguely stating that they exist? I feel like this is the primary reason that new players gravitate to these roles.

I'm honestly hard pressed to think of mix jobs outside of bars/clubs, clinics, and gangs (outside of a select few) and I've been around for a year and a half or more.

And on the note of creating jobs that don't exist yet @Sly, I feel like (and this applies to other posts about players being a force to create things in game, whether that be creating new locations, new jobs, new -things- in general) a fair amount of players - new or otherwise - have no clue on how to approach something like that, including me.

*a focus on

And to correct that first part, I meant that I feel like new players gravitate to the same select roles (tender, bouncer, ganger, and a few others) because there isn't as much education on other roles available, and thus they just stay vacant.

The pushing-new-jobs thing is really a rough go in my experience (and experience of others I've engaged with IC over a long time now). Even new positions that would seemingly require no new coded support at all and would fit a character well and offer tangible IC benefits and RP for other characters in a job/faction, when trying to prod these things into being the reaction I've always gotten ICly is...complete silence or absolute resistance.

And while there may be lots of positions open to some fresh brawler if the gangs are full, it's also unreasonable to expect them to make decisions against their character's nature just for the sake of filling other roles, it might be deeply against their history / goals to go work for TERRA or SCF for instance. And jobs like bouncer might be full, though the turnover there is generally high, so sometimes patience is required. The 'being proactive about making an opening' is -definitely- fantastic advice though for getting some good RP going while also getting that job.

I would caution against doing a job and hoping for support (which is to say, coded income) to materialize. Non-coded jobs are totally viable but they're a DIY thing.

I am a little unsure about the premise here being true, I don't have a perfect view but as far as I know there is at least one vacancy in every category of faction(s).

I think it could probably be argued there could be more jobs that feel 'cyberpunky' but there are definitely lots of jobs available, some of them ridiculously good from a coded rewards perspective -- they're just ignored because they don't fit into people's vision of their own stories as well, which is totally fine, you don't have to do them either; but not everyone can be a ganger or solo at once.