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Home Invasion
How it's most commonly done just doesn't make sense.

A while ago my then-character had their studio apartment robbed with everything of value taken from it - I did not leave my door open and in fact in a complaint which referenced the event, Slither had this to say in regards to the mechanics of it.

"There are additional ways to get into an apartment[...], including sneaking in after someone has opened their door, which is a mechanic supported by stats/skills."

For a moment let's actually picture this out.

You open the single-wide door to your apartment - intent on simply entering the door and closing it behind you. Imagine this process. You unlock your door, you open it, you step inside your door, you close it behind you.

No matter what your size is, you're going to be the only person in that door frame, you're going to have the door in arm's length the whole time, you're going to step in right after opening it - unless someone distracts you and you look/walk away. As soon as you step through you're going to close the door behind you.

Where here can someone feasibly sneak through you, into the frame and into your room and how the hell are you are you not going to notice someone stepping right into the door you're walking into? Especially when you're both moving at the same time? Frankly unless someone is literally invisible (which we have IC) I cannot see this actually happening in any circumstance except if the lights are off in both rooms and you're deaf/dumb enough to not feel someone bumping into you - even if they're quicker than you you're going to touch when you both try to squeeze in.

Then on top of that they're sneaking around in YOUR home right after, most likely for the first time so they don't know many good hiding spots in the split seconds you've both entered the room - you're going to notice muddy footprints that aren't yours, some person in the corner - especially when well over half of the available apartments are classified as small, cozy and economical.

Then there's the question of sleepers in the room - if their door is left open they're going to be hearing the sounds of their sector directly outside most likely, with the sense of overpopulation, and they should wake up to close their door - but of course you're asleep because you stopped playing so you can't have any sort of reaction as if you were in a coma state instead of actually just asleep. What if the robber drops all pretense and starts picking up everything around you? There's no doubt that you should wake up from them lifting up your drek and stowing it away to places unknown.

I really just don't think this style of home invasion is serious - it's purely mechanic based with no thought to the logic of it and it feels like a happy side-effect of how sneaking works, as if sneaking wasn't powerful enough simply disappearing or never being seen.

Sneaking works how it works I think because of how densely packed the Dome is, how the artificial lighting works, and how the layout of buildings casts shadows all over the place. This makes sense on the street, in crowded areas (mostly every public venue) and other dark, creepy places - but where doesn't it makes sense? At home and other private residences where you don't have a million neighbors in your building's lobby or on the staircase, in the hallways - and even if you DO have a bustling amount of neighbors, you would be able to notice someone walking into your room right in front of you even if you were missing an eye, an ear and a hand.

I'd want home invasions to have more to do with cracking the lock on someone's door with varying degrees of skill and security - or an emphasis on roleplay to squeeze the code out of you or your room-mate - and as always someone just leaving their door open is free pickings but this whole 'move into the room right as someone else is doing it' just doesn't make sense except in terms of coincidental code. I'd either want sleepers to have automatic actions such as sleep-walking to close their doors, or remembering much more clearly and accurately if someone else was moving in and out their room while they slept.

At the very least I'd want the difficulties for hiding in the plain sight of someone's home to be exponential in comparison to the street.

Do not think that I want home invasion as a possibility of play to be removed, I just don't think the way it's supported in this sense has any merit beyond code checks.

I think an issue may be that you're imagining something that is in conflict with what the game is telling you.

If what you described went down (which is not to say it did) then that's what happened. Your character didn't notice anything, and it's up to the characters to then construct the reasons why because the game is the arbiter of actions and the players are the authors of reactions.

There are many ways of preventing these circumstances you can FOIC.

Similar to what 0x1mm said, take the stats involved into account. YOU might notice IRL, but would a bumbling low-ass perception having person notice if a straight-up ninja who can evade high-level operators slid past them? If they made it past you IC, this is pretty much what happened. They outclassed you enough to do it. If they didn't you would have spotted them coming in, inside the room, or going out.

Apartment robbing may seem codedly easy but it's VERY risky. Besides getting caught out (which can happen) there's a possibility you can get permanently locked into a pad with no way out. Plus you need to be there exactly when they open the door, etc., which requires a lot of casing and patience. There are a few countermeasures you can take IC as 0x1mm mentioned.

In terms of cracking locked doors. Unfortunately I think that would make the one or two characters who are enough in skill ungodly powerful. They could just wait until they knew the person was asleep and serial rob everyone in the Dome. There wouldn't be any tailing or casing the person for that narrow opportunity. They'd just blow the door open and go to town.

It's happened to me, I know it sucks. Try to roll with it though. Bitch about it ICly, be more paranoid ICly as a result. Ask for advice on how to avoid it, etc.

Lockpicks will come. Your shit isn't safe.