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Hatches and Floods
what's the deal with floodwater anyways!?

Last few times there was a flood, I recall staff issuing shouts to not loot places that have been compromised by flood code opening hatches. Hatches still open during a flood, so, is this ever going to be fixed, is it working as intended, are we allowed to rob flooded places.

If it is flooding and you are inside of a domicile with a hatch, you log out at your own risk, because the hatch just flies open at any time without countermeasure beyond actively closing it.

I'd also like if the game could get clarification on this because it doesn't seem to affect all doors or hatches, which makes it seem more buggy than fully intended.
I thought this was a feature of some places, and not a bug.
I can deal with the consequences of my place being routinely burgled due to inclement weather but I also thought it was a feature and would appreciate clarification if this is a mistake.
Bumping this just to see if we can get clarification on this issue? Doors flying open: Intended feature, or something to be fixed and not exploited in the meantime?
This was working as designed. I've never been a fan of it. It causes lots of issues and complaints. There isn't a lot of warning or any IC way to know your place was vulnerable.

I disabled the code that forces doors open when they are flooded after the most recent flood. More code needs to be in place to deal with floods in the lead up and after on the player side before it gets enabled again.

I was about half ready to rage perm today having missed this update. It was an anxiety-inducing mechanism and I applaud this change, it's really player positive. Thank you.