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I am a lost little puppy . . .

I just read Reefer's post about voicemail and audio files and it sounds awesome, but here's the thing. I don't really get it. I'll be honest, after a few years off of SD I came back to a whole word of different commands and things that have changed since I last played and that's AWESOME because it shows how this game is always evolving. But can someone help me out? Just yesterday I figured out how to use the new e-notes and i swear to god i just got something to edit and print by fucking mistake or plain dumb luck! I don't think emotes and new file systems are hidden behind any FOIC datawall. Its probably something pretty homogenously known about town. What I would like, strike that, NEED is some explanations for or a help file that explains:

How does this new e-note file system work?

What is an audio file and how is it different than a regular file? Do I need to have different skills to use it?

What the fuck is a hardpoint? (i can find that out IC i guess!)

I know I'm forgetting some others!

I have many more questions about changes that I am slowly getting answers for IC (Thank you Sindome Community for being awesome IC), but these are questions I feel like could have more OOC support.


help filesystem will help you familiarize yourself with the new e-note system but examining the device itself will give you a better idea of the fundamental commands based on real-life command line interface.

Various filetypes exist and certain devices are required to process/play them. You can explore this more in-game.

Help vehicle-combat will give you a level of insight into hard points and where they're applicable.

Also, you can ask these questions in game on the xgame channel, which is players providing other players help for non find out in character stuff.