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Why am I still escorting you if you're miles away?!

Can we make it so that if you input a manual movement command, it automatically stops escorting people? It's kind of buggy as well (stopping randomly for no apparent reason when walking).
Also when you set to follow the target. If you switch from escorting to following or vice versa, it doesn't cancel previous command automatically and leads to hilarious results.
The OP posted an idea.

Lionion, yours sounds more like an @bug. This isn't the best place for those. Please @bug that.

Oops, sorry about that. I'll try to replicate that sometime and @bug it. Again, sorry!
Also, OP, please see the BGBB etiquette about picking a good topic title. 'Escorting' is incredibly broad and there are already tons of topics with this name or something similar. It will be very hard to find this in a search and know what your topic is about.
Sorry about that!