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Disconnecting to avoid combat / death
What to do when this happens

I've heard from a few people they have encountered situations where someone will be involved in roleplay that isn't going their way and have disconnected to avoid combat or death or robbery.

This is obviously an abuse of a system that is designed to protect players who encounter a poor network connection, or a kill happy new player who is cube farming and doesn't want to take the time to strip someones belongings so they just neck snap.

First and foremost let me say that if you encounter someone doing this you should xhelp right away and let the staff know about it. We don't allow players to kill sleeping characters because no one, and I mean no one, has ever fallen asleep and woken up dead and said: "DAMN THAT WAS FUN".

It runs counter to roleplay and enforces a stiff penalty on someone who forgot to pay their rent or had an internet outage. I am not on board with changing the rules protecting sleeping people in this situation. However, I am fully behind severely punishing anyone who uses these systems to avoid conflict or harm in malicious and cheating manner. This would include suspension of their ability to play in egregious situations.

If you encounter this, please xhelp. If there is no admin available, please email help@ and explain the situation. Please be prepared to provide logs in either situation so that we can fully grasp the nature of the situation.