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Dipping Hoodies

There's been a rash of hoodies getting dipped lately. Like, I get wallets and phones and shit getting dipped, but a hoodie? It's -- difficult to explain that, ICly. I don't know the mechanics of dipping, so I don't know if it is much harder to dip an object like a hoodie than something else, but it seems -- strange.
Cost and flip value, also the value in having a steady supply of new hoodies which aren't the same color as the ones you've used-up by being seen in them.
I think this is definitely a fair, weird issue. It's always felt strange that anything above a certain size was dip-able, or at least seemed dippable without a seriously commensurate skill check. I know as a game mechanic there should be a reason to make people want to buy / wear things like slings and holsters, but being able to dip someone's sledgehammer without it being almost impossible to do so without getting caught is very weird.
Pickpocketing is a stat contest and hoodies are useful items. Consider raising your stats if you want to carry valuables around, or move to a part of the city where petty crime is less rampant.

Dips aren't just reaching into your pocket to retrieve tiny items, they're stealing your stuff from wherever your stuff is. Inventory is abstract. If you have a lot of bulky items on you that you aren't wearing it's perfectly feasable to imagine someone lifting an unattended item from a backpack or a loot pile or whatever.

Thievery is deeply unforgiving. It sucks realizing you lost something valuable, but it was because the other person had trained for that and pulled of a neat bit of slight-of-hand.

You also may have been much less careful (stat-wise) IC than you realized OOC. Not so much carrying your hoodie in your backpack as having one sleeve just barely tucked into your back pocket as it dragged behind you on the street.

This thread highlights a good contrast of the character vs. the player.

The player has stats high enough that they would stuff their hoodie into their pants so it would never get dipped.

The character has lower stats and just shoves a wad of hoodie in a back pocket and forgets about it.

To be honest I am not happy with the meta disguise economy, which gives place to some ridiculous things. This is not related to the topic itself but more of a tangent observation post.

Some people will say e-con is ICly, but its *not* necessarily when it goes against elements of the theme.

I feel some items should be in a category where they are some common place its impossible to run out of stock for them, regardless of couriers.

Like pieces of paper, disposable lighters, cheap disguises, etc.

Yeah this is more of an economy issue than a problem with the dipping mechanics. Items like hoodies shouldn't be perpetually priced at twice retail value, but they are because shops rarely spawn them.
Items like hoodies shouldn't be perpetually priced at twice retail value, but they are because shops rarely spawn them.

This right here, 100%

The ONLY reason my character still runs crates after a year is on the off chance that a disguise item shows up.

And despite running crates weekly, in 52+ weeks of delivering crates, I can count the number of disguise items on one hand, with fingers left over.

There are so many other and more efficient ways to make chyen in any given week. But crates is like playing the lottery. A disguise item is a winning ticket that is a guaranteed doubling (or more) of what you pay for it.

Seems like they're good things to fight over and steal then.
Guys the ENTIRE economy is built around gameplay and not realism. Otherwise brass knuckles and pick axes would be dirt cheap.

It's a pvp video game. Certain characters engage in PvP by stealing items, they are correct and right to do so. Other players should consider means to protect these items and create challenges for thieves rather than acting as though they are entitled to own whatever they want.

RPwise, if you need to get pedantic, Mixers are poor and useful life-saving items are treasured, and the Mix is not a functioning society. Capitalism has broken down and random things are difficult to find because the supply chain gets broken six times by middlemen and criminals before it even reaches the topsiders, let alone the subhuman scum who live under their feet. Go read about Cuba or the Soviet Union and learn about the completely random stuff that was just impossible to find sometimes because political conditions badly disrupted commerce. Red Sector in Withmore is not a functional US City circa 2020, it's the worst slum history has ever seen.

Realism's got nothing to do with it. The gameplay implications of the weird economy stuff are that people run crates to spawn disguises and then immediately sell them to a pawn shop where they'll be sold at like 300% markup and you have to call a fixer if you want a scrap of paper. Neither is really doing anything for the game, it's just rewarding hoarders and people gaming the shops. I'm not talking about retail pricing here so the brass knuckles/pickaxe stuff isn't relevant.
Letters should be more readily available, that one's a little silly.