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Dermalweave armor?
please clear this up for me.

Okay, so I was told, by a gm, that if you have the dermalweave nano, which modifies your muscles/skin to act as armor, and then put on armor, the effects of the armor are not cumulitave.    (Yes my spelling sux)

I have to say that that's not only odd, it defies the laws of physics if this is true.   I mean obviously putting on or taking off armor can't effect your physical state in that way.  Can someone please tell me if this is true and why?  Thank you for your answer, and thanks to the guy that gave me the heads up so I didn't fucker it for everyone.

Incomplete code I'd guess. Don't think I ever did much with armour beyond some crude calculations to make it work pending a proper system.

At the time there was no limitations or penalties on layering armour so it only used a single layer for the calculation to prevent abuse.

As usual, decade old info disclaimer applies.

Pretty sure that your armor just takes into account the topmost piece of armor over a specific part of a body.  This code is very complex and something I'd love to work on, but I'm afraid I'd touch it and accidentally reset everyone's stats to 0.Metekillot
Nope. Hence layering restricting armor wear
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