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Count doesn't match Get

I was able to 'count' two pairs of gloves and 'look' at the 2nd pair of gloves. But I couldn't 'get' it based on its order in count. I had to use the descriptive terms to differentiate them for 'get'.

This has happened to me a few times now. It's always the 'last' time. 4 of 4, 2 of 2, etc.

Is this expected behavior?

count gloves

You count 2 'gloves'

first pair of mustard EcoGear softshell gloves - Me (in inventory)

second pair of jet black Du-Wear leather gloves - Place (in room)

l 2nd gloves

A pair of matching jet black Du-Wear gloves. The treated synth-leather of the gloves shines when it catches the light. The thick material of the gloves looks durable, and warm. On the palm of both gloves is the trademark 'Du-Wear' skull in fine black thread.

get 2nd gloves

You don't see anything like that.

get jet black

You pick up the pair of jet black Du-Wear leather gloves.

As far as I understand get has count limited to just floor, while look doesn't. Hence the discrepancy.
Yep, what Marlene said.

'get 1st gloves' will pick up the first gloves on the floor, even though the ones in your inventory are the 1st when you count.

Thanks for the responses. I have a much better understanding.

Is there some way to append this info to the newbie guides?

I personally would opt for having all the commands obey the same count. So when you want a specific item, you get that very specific item.
I had no idea why I couldn't get specific things, or why I'd get the wrong things.

This explains everything. 😮

Just want to throw out there that the "count" on Lana-vision is sometimes off from a regular count. I have yet to pinpoint the issue, but it may be similar to what's being discussed here.
I think the problem most people are having is the old:

>count pumpkins

Ist pumpkin "In me"

2nd pumpkin "on the floor"

>get second pumpkin

"I'm sorry Dave, I can't do that."

What you need to do is "get 1st pumpkin" because it's the 1st pumpkin you can "get" the other would be "hold".

I think :P