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Corpse issues
Thoughts and issues with the new changes.

1) It could be due to stats or something but all corpses are appearing as "disfigured" when I look at them

2) Many, many NPCs who are routinely involved in violence become instantly unidentifiable because they don't have @nakeds, this includes the important non-memento guys. In the case of gangers this is a potential Code violation and something PCs would definitely want to cover up or investigate but there's no way to even tell if a body was a gang member or what even if it's a guy you work with every day. This has already been an issue a couple of times that I've seen. A quick and dirty fix would be to give them all ink on a @naked.

If you're interested, I could probably crank out appropriate @nakeds for the main ganger npcs and email them in. I write quickly.

Could just have people submit NPCs with @naked issues for the next week, staff compile a list while reopening @fix-it applications, putting it on the @fix-it list and have the community as a whole take care of it.

Would also help with a few of the corporate dispatched guard mementos which have descriptions which give the wrong gender, for example.