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ok so I've carefully examined the descriptions of two of the types of "armor" avaliable in the game, real armor not nexus gear or shi stuff or whatever(though that shit is all decently bulky too, and it would probibaly apply to the statements I'm about to make), and I see no reason for a charcter not to be able to wear it under certain types of clothing, mainly large trenches and jackets and whatnot, shrouds, pretty much any exceptionally large clothes,  providing you are not a small built person to begin with.   (in that case it would still work, but would be obvious, so is in my opinion physically possible, though if you didn't somehow augment your description to make you look bulky it would be bad form rp wise)

are you gonna wear it under a well cut business suit? or anything "form fitting" definately not... hell even a larger shirt and cargo pants probibaly wouldn't conceal it.  but if you toss on a cloak over it, and your a reasonably sized person to begin with people wouldn't notice...

ok here's your new topic...  Discuss...

I agree.  I see no reason why you shouldn't be able to wear armor under something like a big trench, or a shroud.. I mean..  A shroud hides just about all your features except you height.. You know?
Niether do we, there just isn't a way to tell your trench from a pair of tighty whities right now.
My character used to wear Xo3 all the time, but, he almost never wore the helmet, because it made him look like a power ranger!

True story.

Anyway...hiding armour under clothing is all well and good, but, for the REDites, armour should be something you're proud of. It's a status symbol.

The problem exists not in the fact you can't wear your armoured trenchcoat under your stay-creased action slacks and spanky turtleneck sweater that your gran knitted for you, but, in that armour all looks the same.

My proposed sollution would be to allow tailors to customise armour. Change the name, alter the descriptions, and create thier own brands of armoured streetwear(tm)

I like that idea.  The other reason for not wearing it outright, is because if you don't have uber-char(TM) then you will probably get jumped, killed, and eaten, if you wear it around all the time.  I'm not saying thats not a risk you take when you wear it, but the risk is definitly greater for younger characters.
yes, there should be a wider selection of armor. and for anyone on red it's probibaly not a good idea to walk around broadcasting that your wearing/carrying alot of valuable stuff, because anyone can get jumped for your expensive shit...  but then again if it's IC for you to show off than hell. do whatever.
I'm curious.  Diffrent people are telling me diffrent things.  Are you supposed to wear things like boots, holsters, scabbards, etc, under or over your xo3.  I sware an admin told me over, but then people i talk to say your not supposed to wear anything on top of it... So.. whats the deal?  Can I wear a trench over the xo3, not to hide the xo3, since generic trenchs like nexus wont hide it anyways, but to hide the holsters/scabbards?
Something interesting I've noticed is that WJF armor can be worn under clothing just fine, though its supposed to be bulkier than Xo3, right?

Xo3 is the only armor that seems to be affected by this oddity. �And realistically, some neXus stuff couldn't be worn underneath things. �You can't wear a trenchcoat under a skin-tight armor bodysuit, now can you? �Realistically Xo3 should not be worn overtop anything except.. �maybe underwear? �I dunno. �Judge armor would be the same as far as I can tell.

So you can't wear anything under it. �And you can't wear anything over it. �And lately most everyone who has Xo3 doesn't even fight. �So.. �how about we all get free armor, and all walk around looking exactly the same (yet people will still of course be able to tell who we all are, because it wouldn't be covering the neato little names hovering above our heads, neh?)?



And just out of curiousity, what is Xo3 supposed to be like? �I always thought it was similar to the armor used in the Metal Gear Solid series. �Like this:

And this:

(Edited by Aikao at 2:24 pm on Mar. 2, 2004)

Stonemonk actually sketched/coloured some Xo3 a while back...don't know if that stuff is still up somewhere. was perrty...
I believe its on Xdrive.
Yeah, what's up with that?  You can't even wear a watch over xo3 now, and according to the desc it's the less bulky of the armors, not really bulky at all it would seem...
and according to the desc it's the less bulky of the armors, not really bulky at all it would seem...

What's up with that is armor isn't finished, and the Xo3 isn't properly ballenced.

Say it with me now, little children who ask the same question repeatedly: B E T A.

Thats 'Beta' for all those people (Like me) that had to sit there for 5 minutes trying to figure out what he was talking about.
Nemisis: Bet a?  Bet a what?  What the hell is this guy talking about?

Here's some of the work Stonemonk did towards these designs. He's uber talented :)

Lillith also posted some videos in the Hi-Tech section from a website that is a compilation of new armor-suit technology. Pretty cool stuff there that should be checked out.