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"glance"/"glance me" shows approx. chyen
"You have some chyen on you." Or do you?

So when you look at yourself "look me", it gives you information on the approximate amount of chyen you have on you. For example, "You have a few chyen on you."

I propose that we add this mechanic to gl/glance/glance me as well. So that we don't have to pull up our entire character appearance when we want to get a sense of whether we've been dipped or not, for instance.

If the only thing you want to do is check if you've been dipped or not, 'count' works for this purpose.
Yes but count shows others a message of you counting your chyen. I want to get the same functionality of "look me" that shows the approx amount of chy on you, but using glance.
Heya. Appreciate the idea. However, this is the game problems and complaints section. This is an idea and should be in that section. Going to close and lock this. Please post in the correct forum in the future.