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Trouble connecting on mukluk
But only when I try to use in mobile network

I dunno much about networks and all that. I'd like to be able to use my 4G to connect to the game on mukluk on my phone, but it only seems to connect when I'm on wifi. I can use the mobile chrome browser on 4G, it's just the mukluk that wont connect. The mobile browser client is a little harder to read and the keyboard glitches out, so I'd like to get mukluk working.

If this isnt doable, itd be helpful to know that too. Thanks :)

We don't prevent you from connecting on any specific client. It may be a client configuration error. If there are other players using this client perhaps you can weigh in.

Otherwise, I'm not really sure how to help, as this is your client and we just offer the server to connect to.

I just did a little bit of testing using mukluk over 4G on my Galaxy 8+ and though it was sort of hiccupy and slow despite strong signal it seemed to work for me.

I'd suggest trying out Blowtorch as a client if you haven't already, I've personally found it to be the best mobile M** client experience. From what I can read, mukluk is outdated and has a number of issues on newer Android devices. Good luck!

I'll try that thank you :)