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Server down ?
Is the server currently offline?

As of maybe 15 minutes ago the webclient appears to have stopped and the sever status is red. My internet connection is fine currently.
The appropriate people have been alerted. Just sit tight for now.
Yes, currently the webclient is down unfortunately. The appropriate parties have been contacted to get us back up and running, however it's not primetime for them right now so it may be a few hours yet.

You can still connect to the MOO directly at with port 5555 in a standard MUD client.


Awesome :) I'm sitting tight, just wasn't sure the best way to make people aware.

Much love.

Web client appears to be back up, o.o bloody hell you guys are good.
The webclient is back up and running now.


Thank you admin crew :) !
Webclient down or just me?
Web Client down for me too.
Mudlet + works though!
We are looking into it. Thank you for your patience.
Service is back online.
Can't log in on the webclient or muschlient :*(

Server down?

Aaaaand we're back.
Aaaaand we're back.