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Newbie can't create a character
Already registered?

I tried to create an account through the client with @register, but when I typed @confirm and got to putting my email back in, I got no further output from the client and couldn't seem to convince it to play nice.

I tried to workaround it by creating a web account first, which seemed to work, but now when I try to create a new character I get an error saying something along the lines of "account already exists (invalid argument)".

Much sadness, I need my cyberfix!

You might just need to type a period '.' on a single line with nothing else. It should be telling you that in a prompt.
I just registered and I can't create a character either. I got the email, got back into the home page, went to "Play Now" next to my Johnson ID they sent me via email, and it took me to the blank black screen with nothing on it except the type in bar at the bottom to enter commands. Tried 5 times, still nothing different, though I've typed in all the 'create character' related phrases I could think of, both with & without the @ symbol in front.

Really losing heart with this. Any suggestions?

Stewart, I get this problem logging in to my character if I do not click the little padlock at the login page.

Look for a little padlock and make sure it is clicked.