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MOO down?

MOO seems to be down.

Entire site went down around 12:30am  (EST) along with the MOO. Site's back, MOO isn't at least from my end.

I can tracert to it just fine, though. Think it might be a firewall/port issue since I can tracert and ping to the domain and IP but VMOO can't connect on port 5555.


Ok, so it's not just me. Damn.. my character is out and in the open too. At least he was fully dresses.
Double post.. please disregard.

(Edited by Timmy at 9:31 am on Oct. 19, 2011)

It's back up.

Also honestly, if there's *one* character that has nothing to be afraid of being out in the open, it's probably yours :P

Still can't connect on my end. Wonder what happened?
The MOO itself is still down. The who button is just showing who was on and visible when it last died, yesterday at around 12:30pm ish (EST)
Server's back up!
What in all tarnation is the host doing to explode everything?
I blame Ravonic.
That implies I have the competence to fuck something up that bad.
I own all threads now.
Shut up.