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Invalid Check Claim.

So I signed up on forums got my character password, however it would not let me validate email, it would say invalid claim check. Am I using an invalid email for this? If so how can I change my email address that i put in at sign up, if not, what is the issue and how may I fix it.

Thanks in advance.

Wasn’t sure if y’all needed a screenie or the issue, I didn’t post the character code as this is a public post if I’m not mistaken
Here is the screenshot, sorry for the spam I’m used to forums in which posts can be edited
Thanks for this. I think you may have emailed and if that's the case, I have emailed back. If you didn't email, please shoot us one at [email protected]


-- S

You did email me back thank you! I will send any further questions regarding this via email if that is alright
Yep, that's the way to go!
I get the same message, how do I fix it?